What Is the Largest Company in the World?

There are a few ways to measure the size of a company. Revenue, profit, assets, and market value are all important factors. The title of the world’s largest company is a bit of a moving target, as these numbers can change from year to year.

Here’s a look at the biggest companies in the world based on each of these measures.

What Is the Largest Company in the World?

(Source: Companies Market Cap)

Apple is the world’s largest company by market capitalization. Its market value now totals over $2.7 trillion. In 2021, Apple was also the most valued brand in the world.

The next largest company in the world is Saudi Aramco ($2.268 trillion), followed by Microsoft ($2.1 trillion), Google ($1.5 trillion), and Amazon ($1.4 trillion).

Stats & Facts about the Largest Companies in the World

We did some digging to find the largest companies in the world, basing our data on their market capitalization and revenue.

Here’s what we found out!

What is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world?

(Source: Drug Discovery and Development)

Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

The company’s total revenue from pharmaceutical drug sales in 2021 reached over $81.2 billion, making it the world’s largest pharma company.

However, they weren’t the only company that managed to capitalize on the pandemic.  A Chinese pharmaceutical giant, Sinopharm, took second place on the list, with a total sales revenue of over $60.4 billion.

What is the largest oil company in the world?

(Source: Companies Market Cap)

Saudi Aramco is the largest oil company in the world.

It is one of the world’s largest corporations across a wide range of industries and the world’s largest oil company by market capitalization ( almost $2.3 trillion).

For comparison, the US behemoths Exxon Mobil and Chevron have a market cap of a modest $392.09 billion and $308.66 billion, respectively.

Nestle is the largest food company in the world.

(Source: Tan Do / Companies Market Cap)

In 2021, Nestle generated $89.9 billion in annual sales and $13 billion in profits. 30% of the company’s total revenue came from the US. Nestle is currently worth almost $334 billion.

In 2021, Toyota was the largest car company in the world.

(Source: Carlogos / DriveSpark / Autocar)

Toyota has retained its position as the world’s largest automaker by selling 10.5 million vehicles in 2021. Toyota ousted Volkswagen (who sold 4.9 million cars in 2021) from its 90-year reign as the market’s No. 1 brand.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the largest beer company in the world.

(Source: The Beer Connoisseur / Statista)

Anheuser-Busch InBev dominates the beer market with a product range of 500 beer brands, such as Budweiser and Bud Light.

The company’s sales in 2021 amounted to $46.8 billion. For comparison, the Dutch giant Heineken, the world’s second-largest beer company, generated only $22.5 million.

Sony is the largest gaming company in the world.

(Source: Virlan / Sportskeeda)

When it comes to the gaming world, Sony is the clear winner. In 2021, Sony made $24.9 billion in sales, driven mainly by the sales of PlayStation 5, which was sold in over 6 million units as of the first quarter of 2022.

The largest software company in the world, Microsoft, came in second place ($16.3 billion in revenue), followed by Nintendo ($15.3 billion) and Tencent ($13.9 billion).


The world’s largest companies are Apple, Saudi Aramco, Pfizer, Nestle, Toyota, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Sony. These companies are the leaders in their respective industries and have a market capitalization that is significantly higher than their competitors.

These companies have a substantial impact on the global economy, and their products are consumed by people all over the world.


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