What is the cheapest iPhone?

Some of you may be eagerly awaiting the release of the new iPhones, and while craving the latest and greatest gadget is understandable, there’s no shame in sticking with a familiar look and a lower price in 2022.

Continue reading to learn more about this famous phone brand’s most affordable iPhone available and other information.

What is the cheapest iPhone?

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2020 iPhone SE is the lowest-priced Apple iPhone starting at $429. Compared to the much more expensive iPhone 11 series, the iPhone SE performs just as well and is likely to be supported for a long time.

However, even though iPhone SE is the cheapest newest iPhone, it has an outdated design and is missing many of the features that newer models have.

More Info on iPhone

Do you want to know what the cheapest iPhone without a button is or how many people in the United States own one? Continue reading to learn all of these and more.

What is the cheapest iPhone without a home button?

Apple has maintained two classic iPhones in its portfolio, and both are worth considering if you want an iPhone without a home button for the lowest price.

An iPhone 7 cheapest price is between $109 and $175, and an iPhone 8 costs between $203 and $220. Due to the fact that these are average costs, it is possible to find iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models for a lower price.

Apple dominated the smartphone’s global sales in Q1 2021.

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Among the best-selling smartphones in 2021, the top three were from Apple — the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro MAX, and the iPhone 12 Pro.

The iPhone 12 tops them all, and although it wasn’t the cheapest Apple phone, it was the most popular, accounting for 5% of global smartphone sales in the first three months.

The number of iPhone owners is expected to reach about 118.1 million in 2022.

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According to the iPhone statistics, there were 113.5 million iPhone users in the United States in 2020. It is a given that the number of users will continue to grow, and this is no surprise because 71% of consumers prefer products and services from brands they know.

After the iPhone, Samsung phones ranked second on the list of the most used phones in the US in 2021.

The iPhone 13 series has the highest sales volume in the first three months of 2022.

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Comparatively, 61% of all mobile devices sold during the same period last year were from the iPhone 12 series. Interestingly, in 2020, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were the most popular iPhone models.

Wrapping Up

For all iPhone enthusiasts, we hope we were able to shed light on which iPhone is the most affordable. Now that you are aware of the average prices for an iPhone, you might have an easier time deciding what the best phone for you is.

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