Microsoft Windows 11 OS Preview Now Available for Download

Microsoft Windows 11 enthusiasts will be glad to learn that the preview version (build 22000.51) of the latest operating system from this tech giant is now available for download.

Following the unveiling event on June 24, Microsoft has immediately released the Windows 11 OS preview on June 28.

There is only a six-year gap since Windows 10 was released globally on July 29, 2015. Today, over 1.3 billion devices are using it, making it the most popular operating system on desktop and laptop computers.

However, experts predict that Windows 11 may surpass its predecessor thanks to its new and improved features. The preview version alone includes the updated file explorer featuring a command bar instead of the ribbon, making it a lot simpler to manage files.

Those who install the preview will notice the new start menu, expanded multitasking features, and improved Microsoft store.

Furthermore, Microsoft guarantees that this official preview will already include all of the changes in visuals and designs they’ve revealed during the unveiling event.

Users can enjoy many more features in the Windows 11 preview, such as the new themes, dark/light mode, Snap Groups, and Snap Layouts—a handy multitasking feature, especially for people using multiple monitors.

Additionally, the Settings have been improved, making the user experience much more pleasurable, especially thanks to the persistent left-hand navigation that makes it easier to switch between different sections.

Naturally, Microsoft is still improving Windows 11. Hence, some essential features are still missing in the preview, such as Microsoft Teams Integration and Android apps on Windows. But the company guarantees these options will be available with the later preview versions.

Simultaneously, Microsoft also announced the release of its Office refresh for Windows 11. It will include rounded corners matching the aesthetics of the new operating system along with changes to the dark and light modes.

Users can download the Microsoft Windows 11 preview build for free by enrolling in the Windows Insider Program and enabling the Dev Channel.

The final version of the free upgrade of Windows 11 is due to release around the holiday season this year and will continue rolling out in 2022.


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