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Zyro Review

Zyro Review

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  • eCommerce store: Available
  • Template switching: Yes
  • Integrations: Analytics/HotJar/Google Ads
  • Themes and designs: 60+
  • Blog features: No
  • Widgets: Yes
  • Speed optimisation: Available
  • Website transfer: Yes

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Users looking for an affordable websites builder.

  • Very easy to use
  • SSL security
  • AI-driven tools
  • Incredibly affordable plans
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The website builder industry is highly competitive. With juggernauts like WiX, Weebly, and Squarespace in the game, newcomers need to go above and beyond to carve out their slice of the market.

This is precisely what Zyro website builder is trying to do. Its latest iteration was released at the beginning of 2020, and it features many robust technologies at approachable prices. As you can probably guess, it has already attracted the internet’s attention.

But does it have what it takes to compete in the big boys’ league?

Discover the answer in the comprehensive Zyro website builder review below.

What Is Zyro

Zyro site builder is a fresh service. It is owned by Hostinger, one of the top website hosting providers and the largest free one in the world. This alone gives it an impressive pedigree.

The parent company grew to its size by providing a technically sound platform at incredibly low prices. This is precisely the strategy Zyro is banking on. It offers affordable deals and incorporates robust machine learning systems to gain the edge over the competition.

The website builder definitely has big shoes to fill. Let’s dig right into the Zyro review and see what it brings to the table and if it lives up to the Hostinger name.

Ease of Use

Zyro is a relatively easy website builder. You just need to pick a theme, and you can start building. You don’t even need to register!

Keep in mind you should create an account if you want to save your website. If you leave without signing up, the site will be deleted, and you’ll have to start from scratch.

The overall design of the builder is sleek and uncluttered. All the options are easy to get to, for one. All menus can be collapsed, which improves the feel of the builder. Plus, you get a better view of the web page as you’re editing.

Zyro website builder doesn’t really display any tooltips, which can lead to a few “what now?” moments. Just remember you can find most of the key functions by clicking on the buttons at the top of the dashboard. The dashboard doesn’t overwhelm users with options, so you’ll likely find whatever you need in a few seconds.

The grid-based drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to simply drop elements onto the page. The solution works based on the WYSIWYG principle, so you can preview the changes as you’re working.

You don’t have 100% freedom in controlling all the margins and padding between elements. The upside is that it’s extremely easy to align elements correctly, and you still get a lot of options. Essentially, Zyro is better for users who want to get an attractive design easily, rather than sticklers for that pixel-perfect layout.

All in all, Zyro builder provides an effortless experience.


Zyro comes with plenty of attractive features. These are the main ones:

AI Technology

The AI-driven tools are the staple of the Zyro website builder.

For starters, you can use the AI Writer feature to populate your website with text. All you need to do is pick a topic or enter a couple of your own sentences. The system will use data collected from thousands of similar websites to generate unique text. While this can’t replace content written by a human, it can give you some ideas on what to write.

You can even use the Zyro website to generate business names and slogans. It’s handy if you haven’t already settled on one. A fresh new feature is the Blog Topic Generator. It can help you come up with ideas for website content. The tool is great if you get stuck, though you might need to wait for Zyro to roll out a blogging tool to get the most use out of it.

The AI Website Content Importer is another unique feature. You can give it a link to a specific website and the system will import all the text and images into Zyro. You can then drag and drop these onto your Zyro pages like any other element.

This makes it easy to move content from one website to another without bothering with clunky import tools. It’s fantastic if you already have a few web pages somewhere that you would like to move to your new site or if you just want to move content from one Zyro site to another.

An even better feature is the AI Heatmap tool. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze your website and extrapolate which parts will attract the most attention. You can use this as a regular heatmap and plan our pages for the most conversions.

All the tools can be an invaluable asset to your brand.

Logo Builder and Widgets

Zyro website builder includes a logo creator. This has cool options, though it’s not the most advanced logo creation tool.

You can add numerous widgets to your site. This includes forms, Instagram feed, maps, videos, and Facebook social buttons. You can add useful functionality to your site, though a few builders offer more options.


On top of all the features, Zyro is among the faster website builders.

The websites are hosted in Hostinger’s data centers, and the company is known for its blazing-fast infrastructure. Plus, the tech behind Zyro adheres to the principles of lean coding.

Speed optimization is also on point. Zyro servers and sites use all the key mechanisms to speed up load times. This includes compression, robust caching mechanisms, and script minification, leading to a 99% PageSpeed score on GTMetrix. One possible complaint is that the pages rely on too many external scripts, so the browser has to make a bunch of HTTP requests to display a page.

The overall code is pretty lean, though, so this isn’t that big of a deal. Optimize your images for the web before uploading them, and you should easily maintain load times under three seconds.

Additional Features

Zyro site builder includes many other great features, like SEO toolsCloudflare content delivery, and a bunch more.

One thing I’d like to see added is a blog tool. Blogs are massive drivers of traffic. It’s more difficult to do effective content marketing without one. Zyro will undoubtedly release a similar feature eventually, but current users will just have to wait and see.

Other than that, you can get all the building blocks to create a strong website.

Themes and Designs

The number of Zyro website builder themes recently increased to 60. Not too long ago, this number was around 20, so it’s great to see Zyro rapidly release new, high-quality templates. Plus, you already get a good number of themes to choose from.

The themes can fit a range of different websites, including portfolios, personal sites, online stores, events, businesses, etc. They cover a range of industries and can work for most users and companies.

It’s worth putting some thought into picking a theme as soon as you start with the Zyro web builder. This is because you can’t change the theme later without losing progress—which, admittedly, is kind of limiting.

One alternative you have is to create a website with a different template and use the AI importer to move all your content. It can save you in a pinch, though it’s not an ideal way of going about it.

It is relatively easy to change up the layout of your website. You can add new pages and new web page sections in a few clicks. Inserting and repositioning page elements is as easy as dragging them with your mouse. The website software is very flexible, though you don’t really have 100% freedom in designing a layout.

The grid-based system creates fully responsive websites. The WYSIWYG editor even lets you preview what pages will look like on mobile, making it easy to adjust anything on the go.

Zyro website builder makes it fairly intuitive to make basic styling changes. All you need to do is select an element and click “edit.” You’ll be able to change various details like borders and text color.

Adding images is an option as well. Zyro even lets you insert large section-wide images to get a modern, attractive design. This is particularly handy for creating superb landing pages to start your sales funnel.

If you don’t have any photos ready, Zyro features direct access to Unsplash and its massive library.

All in all, you get plenty of Zyro website builder templates, and the solution makes it easy to get your desired web design. You miss out on some more advanced effects, like parallax scrolling, though. Still, the customization tools are enough for most users.


Zyro has a bunch of features to let you build an online store. You can sell both digital and physical products. Both Ecommerce plans let you sell an unlimited number of products, which is excellent.

You can enjoy easy inventory management with an option to add numerous product variants. The store management interface is a bit less smooth as the general Zyro website builder dashboard, but it still works well.

You get all the essential features, like robust product management and import tools, product types and filtering, discounts, gift cards, SSL security, email newsletter features, and a lot more.

You do get a few advanced tools as well. This includes abandoned shopping cart auto-recovery, robust analytics, advanced coupon management, and multilingual capabilities.

The AI website builder supports some 20+ payment gateways, including Stripe, Zapper mobile payments, PayPay, and 2Checkout. You can also use numerous shipping carriers, like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Various shipping and tax calculation options are available.

Zyro offers an online store mobile app. You can use this to manage your store on the go—great if you need quick access from anywhere.

The largest Ecommerce+ plan lets you list products directly from your store to Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. Automatic advertising on Google Ads is an option too. This makes it easier to get more customers and scale your store.

One thing to remember is that paid plans apply to only one website. You can’t host multiple storefronts without paying for multiple plans, which is common for site builders.

This makes the Zyro web builder an excellent choice for small and even midrange stores. The plans fit most businesses out there, and they make Zyro an excellent ecommerce site builder.


Zyro integrations mainly revolve around getting the most out of your website and advertisement campaigns.

For starters, Google Analytics can help you understand who your visitors are, where they come from, and how to better engage them. It’s an essential tool for any website owner.

HotJar integration offers useful tools like heatmaps. This shows you how users interact with your website. Most importantly, it can tell you what draws them to convert and what makes them bounce.

It’s similar to the AI Heatmap tool I covered earlier in the Zyro website builder review. However, HotJar relies on real user data, which makes it more reliable.

Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager can help you collect more data from your website. The former focuses more on Facebook campaigns and helping you pinpoint the audience that converts best.

The Google Tag Manager is all about helping you work with tags, both from Google and third-party providers. It is meant to work with Google Ads, though. Similarly to Facebook Pixel, it can help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Going for one of the Ecommerce Zyro builder plans adds a bunch of other apps you can connect. This includes widgets for recently viewed products, random product display, live chat, checkout notices, and other useful stuff.

Most of the extra apps are free.

You get a decent number of integrations, though a few website builders offer more. I have no doubts Zyro will add more third-party apps to the fold as the software grows.


Zyro used to offer a free tier that lets you try out the platform, but they have recently moved to paid-only plans. However, they’ve also discounted their plans. Right now, you can use our unique Zyro Black Friday promo code to get a discount of up to 86%!

Here’s what the paid plans get you:

The Basic plan gets you 1GB storage and 3GB bandwidth, which is fine. It comes with all the core tools, including the AI tech. However, it excludes the third-party integrations, making it a bit more challenging to track your visitors and ad campaigns. That said, the plan starts at only $1.30/month, which is insanely affordable.

Keep in mind the price applies only if you pay annually. The monthly deal would cost you $2.99/month. On the flip side, you could prepay for three years and get an even better price—$1.30/month. This makes Zyro site builder one of the most affordable solutions of its kind.

The Unleashed plan costs $1.79/month, which is still budget-friendly. It adds various integrations. At this tier, you get a free domain name with the website builder for the first year. This saves you a few bucks, which is always great.

The Ecommerce plan costs $8.99/month, which is reasonable for a plan that lets you sell products Unlike a few competitors, Zyro doesn’t charge transaction fees, which is excellent.. It adds a bunch of advanced features to help you set up and manage an excellent store.

The Ecommerce+ plan goes for $13.99/month. It’s essentially a beefed-up version of the previous plan. It adds abandoned shopping cart autorecovery, and it enables building a multilingual store. It’s also the only plan that lets you sell products directly through Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram. It adds a bit more power for more advanced projects.


Zyro’s support is decent, albeit a bit slow.

The provider supposedly has 24/7 support. I tried the live chat for this Zyro website builder review. The reply bot let me know the support usually answers within a few minutes. Sounds good.

The support actually replied the following morning at 8 am, which made me doubt whether it really is available 24/7 after all. The provider blamed this on a high influx of queries, but that suggests that the support is understaffed.

The support agent actually provided decent answers once I did get through to it. Still, the slow response left a sour taste.

The knowledge base provides answers to important questions. That said, the articles are rather short, and most consist of only one paragraph. It’s more like a large FAQ section and doesn’t have much in terms of Zyro tutorials.

Support is Zyro’s Achilles heel.

Zyro User Reviews

Zyro is relatively fresh, so it doesn’t have thousands of reviews. That said, the reviews it accumulated so far are mostly positive. Most users love it how approachable and user-friendly the platform is.

The builder hasn’t accrued much of a reputation on Reddit either. Only a few users recommended it so far, though it will likely attract more attention soon.

The few negative comments mostly complain about the slow support team, which is fair.

For the most part, Zyro website builder reviews reveal high customer satisfaction.


Zyro is an overall solid solution.

It’s easy to use, comes with a bunch of handy features, and is a fantastic ecommerce website builder. Plus, it has an ever-expanding list of attractive templates. The third-party integrations make it easy to expand your reach and draw in more traffic.

All of that is available for as little as $1.30/month. This makes the Zyro website builder one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

On the other hand, the support is kind of slow. Still, the agents are decently knowledgeable, which somewhat makes up for the long response times.

The provider still has a few upgrades to make to the platform. Once done, it’ll be well on its way to the top of the website builder world. And the price is simply too good to pass up.

If you’re looking for a robust solution at a very affordable price, Zyro is for you.

Zyro Alternatives

Here’s how Zyro measures up to the best website builders in the industry:

Zyro vs. WiX

WiX is often considered the king of website builders. It’s one of the easiest solutions to use, lets you create terrific designs, and is a great site builder for blogs.

Using the Zyro website builder brings advantages of its own, though. It’s way more affordable than WiX. Plus, unlike the competitor, Zyro doesn’t lock key features behind way more expensive plans. There’s also a lot of innovative thinking behind the software, so it has many unique features.

WiX is still the more popular builder, but Zyro is a robust challenger with a lot of potential.

Zyro vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is another one of the top website builders.

However, it is more geared toward creatives and entrepreneurs looking to amass a following and sell a few products. All of its features are geared towards this, and its templates work best when paired with gorgeous high-resolution images.

Zyro website builder is more for traditional businesses and online stores. It is more affordable, though. Zyro is commission-free, to boot, which gives it an edge over Squarespace’s Business plan. Lastly, it offers a free tier, which Squarespace does not.

Both solutions are highly effective, all things considered.

Wrap Up

That concludes the Zyro website builder review.

The builder performs overall well on all fronts. It has decent templates, a powerful editor, and robust features. It can work for both standard websites and online stores. Plus, it’s one of the more beginner-friendly site builders and among the most affordable ones. What more could you ask for?

Zyro website builder is quickly shaping up to be the best value piece of software on the market.


What is Zyro?

Zyro is a fresh website builder made by the hosting giant Hostinger. The solutions banks on being very easy to use, affordable, and integrating robust AI-driven technologies. All in all, it’s a decent solution bound to give giants like WiX a run for their money.

Is Zyro Free?

Like many SaaS website builders, Zyro is a freemium solution, meaning it can be used as a free website builder. This comes with 500MB of storage and 500MB of monthly bandwidth and includes all the core features, sans third-party integrations.

Keep in mind the free plan does incur some limitations. Most notably, you can’t connect a domain name, and Zyro will display its ads on your website. This makes it tough to create a free website and earn money with it.

The plan is excellent for testing out the platform. You can take as long as you want and create as many free websites as you would like. Once you want to start rolling in visitors, you should consider upgrading to a paid plan, which makes you look more professional.

How to Use Zyro?

Getting started with Zyro is fairly straightforward. All you need to do when you get to the homepage is click on the “Create a free website” button.

From there, you should pick a theme. There are 50+ templates for Zyro web builder, so you have plenty of options.

Make sure to preview the themes and select one that suits you before you start work. If you want to go back and switch the theme, you will have to start over. It pays off to get it right on the first try and not waste time.

And that’s about it. Once you pick a theme, you can get right into editing your website, which is relatively intuitive. If you need extra help with Zyro website builder, you can always ask the support or dig around the knowledge base.

Keep in mind to create an account when you want to save your progress. Once you want to switch to a paid plan, you can purchase it from the dashboard and connect it to your website.