How Many Types Of Artificial Intelligence Are There?

We tell our phones to do things for us, so it’s safe to say most of us nowadays use artificial intelligence. But, is there just one type of AI, or do different types exist?

Here, we dive into the types of AI!

How Many Types Of Artificial Intelligence Are There?

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As of 2022, we recognize seven different types of artificial intelligence. These are the three types based on capabilities – Narrow AI, General AI, and Super AI. Based on functionalities AIs are Reactive Machines, Limited Theory, Theory of Mind, and Self-awareness.

We explain these thoroughly in our types of artificial intelligence guide.

More Facts About Artificial Intelligence

As AI is taking over our lives more and more and making things easier for all of us, it’s time that we learn more about it. So, keep reading!

What Are 3 Types Of Artificial Intelligence?

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When someone talks about the three types of AI, they think of Narrow AI, General AI, and Super AI. Narrow AI is also known as Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) or Weak AI. General AI is the same as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Deep Ai, or Strong AI.

What Are The Four Types Of Artificial Intelligence?

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If we split AI into four types, they would be Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory Of Mind, and Self-awareness. These types of artificial intelligence have different applications in separate fields.

The field of Reactive Machines covers AI that is just reactive, with no other abilities. Under Limited Memory, we file machines that can process simple information about the past.

The last two types will develop much more in the future. The Theory of Mind is the science that explores how humans understand that other humans, creatures, and objects have thoughts and emotions affecting their behaviors.

Self-awareness AI will be the final step in building realistic AI entities. With the last two types, scientists will be able to build machines that understand and have consciousness like humans do.

AI is part of personalized shopping.

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The applications of artificial intelligence are reaching far and wide. So, besides using AI-powered assistants for eCommerce among the top applications in 2022, we also use it for autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and the automation of different tasks.

Instagram uses AI to recommend accounts you should follow, while Twitter finds the use of AI in fraud prevention. On Facebook, the easy automatic translation of posts is possible because of AI.

There are four techniques of AI.

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Machine learning, NLP, Automation and robotics, and Machine vision are the four types of artificial intelligence techniques. Machine Learning is a technique in which the machine is not programmed to do something, but it automatically learns and gets better over time.

NLP, aka Natural Language Processing, is when computers are programmed to process human languages like English, Spanish, Italian, etc. Automation and robotics are used for machines that perform repetitive tasks instead of humans.

And finally, Machine Vision is for visual information like pictures that get analyzed and are turned into data.

Wrapping Up

With more applications of AI in different spheres and various aspects of our lives, it’s only fair that we know what artificial intelligence does. So, hopefully, we’ve given you a little bit of insight into what AI can do and what it could achieve in the future.


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