What is the Most Expensive Domain Name?

A good domain name can help your business become recognizable and easy to find. However, with all the competition on the internet, getting just the domain name you want can sometimes be costly. We’ll tell you what is the most someone has ever paid for a domain name!

What Is The Most Expensive Domain Name?

(Source: GoDaddy)

The most expensive domain name ever sold is Cars.com, with an $872 million value.

Some of the other most expensive domain names are CarInsurance.com ($49.7 million), Insurance.com ($35.6 million), and VacationRentals.com ($35 million). Privatejet.com was sold for $30.18 million, and Voice.com was sold for $30 million.

More Stats and Facts on Domain Names

Keep reading to find out the biggest domain name registrar and the price of an average domain name. We will tell you all of that and some more!

Who owns the most domain names?

The largest domain registrar is GoDaddy, which has 76.6 million domain names. Another big name in domain names is Namecheap which owns 16.5 million domain names. Both are also among the best domain registrars today.

Other large domain registrars are Tucows with 11.1 million domains, Google with 7.9 million domains, and Network Solutions with 6.4 million domains.

Most expensive domain names in 2021

(Source: Werpex)

Christmas.com was the most expensive domain in 2021, and it was bought for $3.15 million by Gordon Companies in New York. Angel.com was sold for $2 million, while Exodus.com won the third spot, having sold for $1.9 million.

However, an average domain name costs $10 to $20. So, you don’t have to shell out those millions for a domain name!

Simple and short make for a good domain name.

(Source: Google Domains)

The most expensive websites usually have a pricey domain name because it’s short, simple, and catchy. So, your domain name should have your brand name to make it recognizable.

The most popular domain name extension is .com.

(Source: Ionos)

About 52% of the world’s websites use the .com extension, which stands for ‘commercial.’ This domain extension has been in existence since 1985. The second most used domain name is .ru, which accounts for 6.1% of all websites. The .ru extension first became available in 1994.

Other popular extensions are: .org (4.5%), .net (3.3%), .ir (1.8%), .in (1.7%), .uk (1.6%), .au (1.6%).

Facebook’s domain acquisition was worth $8.5 million.

(Source: TechCrunch)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, recently revealed that the company had acquired the domain Fb.com from The American Farm Bureau Federation for use for the company’s internal email addresses.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know which are the most expensive domains, which are the most popular, and how to find a good domain name for your site, it’s time to build that site.

Having a great domain name and a great site can bring you tons of exposure and new clients!

So, let’s start today!


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