How Much RAM Do I Need?

Depending on what you use your computer for, you may need more RAM, or random access memory, than other people. Because of this, we’ll dive into how much RAM is enough and what having more of it means for you.

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How Much RAM Do I Need?

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The minimum you’ll need for basic computing is 8GB. With this amount of RAM, you can have more tabs open, and you won’t have trouble switching between them.

You can also do light video editing and other pretty demanding tasks, but it may take a while to load. You can also play some games that don’t require too much memory.

More Answers On How Much RAM You Need

Keep on reading to find out what you can do with 16GB RAM and how much you need for things like gaming and Photoshop.

Is 16GB of RAM Enough?

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While you can play some titles with lower memory, 16GB is the recommended RAM for gaming as it can provide more improvements in performance than 8GB. You can even run applications in the background without affecting your gameplay.

With this much RAM, you can run as many programs as possible, like edit videos and photos, use AUTOCAD, do hardcore gaming, stream your gaming, etc.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Photoshop?

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Based on experts’ recommendations, the minimum RAM needed for Photoshop is 16GB. It should be enough for documents that are 500MB or smaller. 32GB is enough for documents between 500MB–1GB, while 64GB will work for documents larger than 1GB.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming And Streaming?

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We know lots of people play video games. Now, the RAM needed for most modern games is at least 8GB. That’s also the RAM needed for streaming on platforms like Discord, YouTube or Twitch, so having 16GB RAM should be enough for gaming and streaming.

For most coders, 8GB or 16GB RAM is enough.

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If your project is not the most complex one out there, it’s safe to say 16GB will be enough.

You may need to opt for a 32GB upgrade for things like large Java compiles.

The RAM needed for music production is 8GB.

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And you’ll be able to do plenty with it. However, if you want to work on large sample libraries, it’s always smart to upgrade to 16GB or 32GB so you can produce realistic-sounding acoustics.

32GB is the optimal capacity for video production.

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With 32GB, you’ll be able to edit and work on any type of video or even the longer ones. With this much RAM, your computer won’t slow down, and you’ll be able to preview your videos easily.

However, if you work with motion graphics, checking out a 64GB RAM could be worth it.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the RAM needed for gaming and other computing tasks, you can start upgrading your computer accordingly.

Whatever you use your computer for, we hope that we were able to impart some valuable knowledge to you today.


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