What Is The Most Expensive Luxury Tech Gift?

One way to show a person how much you appreciate them is through gift-giving, which can be both thoughtful and pricey. But, what is the most expensive luxury tech present you can buy for someone?

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What Is The Most Expensive Luxury Tech Gift?

(Source: PCMag)

The most expensive tech gadget in the world is a $15 million diamond-encrusted iPhone 5 created by UK craftsman Stuart Hughes. It’s made of solid gold and decorated with a 26-carat black diamond combined with over 600 white diamonds.

More Luxurious Tech Gifts

The following ultra-expensive gadgets for the rich are not for the faint of heart! Although most of us will likely never be able to afford such extravagant gifts, it’s pretty amazing to see what’s available for the extremely wealthy shoppers of the world.

Richard Mille’s provocative $783,000 timepiece.

(Source: Boss Hunting)

The RM 69 Manual Winding Tourbillon Erotic is unofficially known as the “sex watch” because it displays erotic messages after 10 PM. Two popular names in hip-hop, Drake and Travis Scott, have been spotted wearing this Richard Mille timepiece.

A limited-edition phone designed by French jewelry house Boucheron for $360,000.

(Source: Luxury Pursuits)

Perhaps the diamond-encrusted iPhone mentioned above is way out of your price range. Fortunately, for a mere $360,000, you can purchase one of the eight limited edition Vertu Signature Cobra luxury phones.

This ruby and emerald encrusted mobile phone is not only visually stunning but is completely unhackable for the privacy obsessed.

The Samsung Curved 4K TV will cost you around $150,000.

(Source: Samsung)

Among the best tech gifts for 2022 is the popular Samsung Curved TV. It allows you to experience every detail of what you’re watching. The amazing 4K picture quality and impressive HDTV colors will make you want to splurge for this TV.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 speakers will set you back $110,000.

(Source: Bang-Olufsen)

These speakers would make a fantastic present for a valued employee! But, it’s doubtful that most small business owners struggling with an already limited budget would be able to spring for such a gift. 

However, if you have the budget for these 8,200 watts (each) beauties, you’re in for the audio experience of a lifetime!

A set of Caviar AirPods Max valued at $108,000.

(Source: The Gadget Flow)

These headphones are based on the design of one of Apple’s priciest headphone offerings, AirPods Max. However, Caviar’s version is made with 750 grams of pure gold instead of the normal aluminum earcups.

The company boasts a sophisticated appearance to match the high-quality sound!

The $1,000 Sojourner Keyboard.

(Source: Entrepreneur Media)

This is one of the more realistic and cool expensive tech gifts on our list. Moreover, if you work in an office environment, It would be the perfect present for a steampunk-loving boss.

The Soujourner is an aged brass keyboard with a classic typewriter style and is compatible with any PC.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these uncommon expensive tech gifts have entertained and possibly inspired you to dream bigger. Although most of us will never receive and could never afford such lavish gifts, it’s interesting to know they exist.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other nifty and affordable tech gifts available. Plus, when it comes to giving presents, it’s the thought that counts!


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