What Is the Cheapest Thing on Amazon?

Product categories on Amazon include home appliances, makeup, electronics, garden equipment, and everything in between.

We’ve scoured the site for the best things on Amazon for $1 or less. If you’re interested in some cool yet inexpensive products that will help you save money while making your life a little easier, keep reading.

What Is the Cheapest Thing on Amazon?

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Kitchen tools are among the cheapest items available on Amazon. For example, there’s a caddy worth less than 50 cents for putting your wet sponge in it and keeping your surfaces dry.

If you love guacamole, an avocado cutter on Amazon does all of the work for you and only costs a penny. And if you make your nut milk, you’ll need a lot of mesh bags. Fortunately, there’s a mash bag on Amazon for only one cent.

These are just a little fraction of the many cool cheap things on Amazon.

More Stats and Facts About Amazon Cheap Things

We all know that Amazon dominates the e-commerce market and that you can find millions of things on the site. So, keep reading to find out more interesting stats and facts about the cheapest items in this giant online retailer. 

What is the cheapest thing on Amazon with free shipping?

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You can get a lipstick for less than $1 with free shipping. In addition, you can choose from the many colors available.

What is the costliest thing on Amazon?

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People spend money on Amazon. Its net sales were around $110.81 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

The costliest thing on Amazon in 2022 is the jersey of Derek Jeter, who played for the New York Yankees. 

The jersey is 100% polyester and comes in size 44. Derek Jeter, an American professional baseball shortstop, baseball executive, and businessman, has autographed this item.

The jersey is currently selling for a whopping $320,728.49.

What time does Amazon change prices?

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Amazon’s prices fluctuate according to the time of day. Most retailers change the prices at any time suitable and adjust them on the fly. 

Dynamic pricing isn’t a new concept, but it has been around much longer than the “fixed” prices people are used to seeing in most traditional stores. And online retailers indeed set their prices based on how much they believe customers are willing to pay.

However, there are still many cheap things to buy on Amazon

More than 92% of consumers are more likely to shop on Amazon than on other eCommerce sites.

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More than 2,000 consumers from the US took part in Amazon Consumer Behavior Report in 2021. 56% say they visit the platform every day or several times per week, up from 47% before the pandemic.

72% of Amazon Prime users subscribed to the platform. In 2020, 81% of the US adults who used Amazon Prime were aged between 18 and 34.

Wrapping Up

We hope we were able to create more awareness about the world’s largest online retailer and its product prices. 

It’s growing its customer base by constantly introducing new products. As you can see, many cool Amazon finds are priced differently; some cost less than a dollar, while others cost a fortune.

Whatever your budget, we’re sure you’ll have an enjoyable shopping experience on Amazon.

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