What Is The Most Expensive Video Game?

Video games have been evolving rapidly since the first video game was invented in the 1930s. Vintage games tend to be more expensive as they are considered rare and real pieces of memorabilia.

We’ll tell you what the most expensive video game is! Keep reading!

What Is The Most Expensive Video Game?

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The most expensive video game in the world is a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. from 1985. It sold for a whopping price of $2 million. What makes this copy so special is the fact that it’s unopened and it features a “limited print run.”

But back in the 1980s, when the game first came out, it sold over 50 million copies, so even today, it’s not hard to find and won’t be too expensive.

More Stats and Facts On The Most Expensive Games In The World

Do you know what some other games sold for ridiculously high amounts are? We’ll answer that, plus we’ll tell you what the most bought game of all time is.

What is the most expensive video game ever developed?

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Star Citizen is considered the most expensive video game ever to develop. Cloud Imperium Games, which is making Star Citizen, raised over $300 million for its production. But even though it started in 2011, no official release date has yet been announced.

Since the development is still ongoing, it’s expected to cost more in the interim.

What is the most bought video game?

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Minecraft is by far the best-selling video game, with 238 million copies sold. Following in the second spot is Grand Theft Auto V with 150 million, while the 100 million Tetris has sold make it third on this list.

The 1990 Nintendo World Championships sold for $100,088.

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There were only 116 cartridges made of this game. 26 copies were placed in a gold casing, while the rest were in the traditional gray cases. It was one of those gold-casing ones that sold for this huge price on eBay.

Another Nintendo game is also among the most expensive games ever sold. The Nintendo Campus Challenge sold for $20,100 back in 2009, even though the starting bid was only 99 cents.

Additionally, Nintendo Powerfest ‘94 sold for $25,000. Only 35 cartridges of the game were made, and it is thought that only two remain today.

The most expensive game in the Play Store is Most Expensive Traffic Rider.

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With 3.2 billion people gaming, it’s unsurprising if some games are pricier than the others in the Play Store.

For instance, this game is $387.53 and offers different modes like Traffic Time, Traffic Ride, and more. It has interesting mechanics, detailed motorcycle images, and good backgrounds.

Wrapping Up

Do you ever want to own any of these costly games? As they are among the rarest video games, they’re hard to come by, and they are usually sold at exclusive auctions. So, find your way to an exclusive auction or just enjoy the regular video game you have.

Happy gaming!


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