Ex-Employee at Apple Defrauds Tech Giant

According to a US court filing, former Apple employee Dhirendra Prasad has been indicted on five different charges after allegedly defrauding Apple through a number of different criminal activities, including money laundering, theft, and taking kickbacks last Friday.

He has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, two counts of conspiracy to launder fraud proceeds, conspiracy to defraud the US government, and tax evasion. 

Prasad had been employed by the tech giant for exactly ten years, from December 2008 until December 2018. He was employed as a buyer in the Global Service Supply Chain department at Apple, the most valuable brand of 2021.

Prasad defrauded the company by taking kickbacks, stealing parts, and more. He also made the tech giant pay for parts and services that it never received.

Prosecutors involved in the court filings said Prasad “used his position of trust at Apple to engage in multiple schemes to defraud Apple.” 

The multinational company’s losses are estimated at around $10 million. Besides Prasad, two vendors are also accused of conspiring with him in different federal cases. 

If he is convicted on the abovementioned charges, the former employee is facing prison charges. 

Additionally, the US attorney is asking for the forfeiture of financial accounts and several properties estimated at around $5 million and thought to be connected with the alleged criminal activities.

When we wrote this article, Apple had not issued any comment yet, while Dhirendra Prasad remained silent.


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