50 Astonishing WordPress Statistics & Facts (2020 Edition)

This list of WordPress statistics is crucial for anyone who still isn’t convinced they should pick this CMS for their web design and management.

But first, let’s clear up the basics. What is a CMS?

A CMS, or content management system, is software that helps users create and modify digital content. The most popular one out there is WordPress, a PHP and MySQL-based system that basically everyone on the planet has heard about.

On that note, here are 30 statistics showing why WordPress is so popular:

10 Key WordPress Statistics for 2020

  • 35.2% of the web is powered by WordPress.
  • There are 24.8 million live WordPress sites.
  • 409 million people view 15.5 billion pages every month.
  • 41.7 million posts are published every month on WordPress.
  • English is used in 71% of its posts.
  • The most popular WordPress theme has earned more than $34.6 million.
  • 1,084 WordCamps have been held so far.
  • The average pay for WordPress developers is $51,000.
  • There are 55,897 plugins for WordPress available.
  • 39% of hacked WordPress sites run an outdated version of the software.

The latest stats clearly show that WordPress is here to stay, as you will learn from the next infographic.

WordPress Statistics Infographic

WordPress Statistics

1. 35.2% of the web is powered by WordPress.

(Source: WordPress)

According to the WordPress website stats, close to a third of the internet runs on WordPress. The latest blogging statistics show that 35.2% of the internet translates to over 60 million websites hosted on WordPress. The platform’s versatility allows it to be used for tiny personal blogs and industry powerhouse websites alike (Forbes, The New Yorker, etc.).

2. WordPress has a market share of 62.7% among CMSs.

(Source: w3techs)

A great deal of WordPress’s success is owed to its user-friendliness. Even beginners can easily create their own blog or store—or nearly any other type of website. In addition, WordPress is highly customizable and SEO-friendly. All of these combine to make the WordPress market share ten times larger than the next closest CMS.

3. WordPress is searched 2.94 million times each month.

(Source: Digital)

SEO tools show that more than 2.7 million Google searches containing the keyword “WordPress” occur every month. This specific search, with no relevant long-tail keywords added, yields 600 million results.

4. WordPress receives 148 million unique monthly visits.

(Source: Automattic)

WordPress takes the fifth spot among the most visited websites in the US. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter are the four sites ahead of it when it comes to unique monthly visits.

5. There are 24.8 million live WordPress sites.

(Source: IsItWP)

With the number of WordPress sites reaching almost 25 million and with 318,828 WordPress sites within the top one million list, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the US, the UK, and Russia. The most popular websites built on this platform include TechCrunch, Beyoncé, Microsoft News Center, and those listed in our first stat.

6. More than 409 million people view billions of WordPress pages every month.

(Source: WordPress / Statista)

When it comes to monthly activity, the WordPress stats show numbers that the majority of social media platforms dream of. The number of pages viewed monthly is estimated to be over 15.5 billion so far. Just to show how far WordPress has come, in 2007, the average number of monthly viewed pages was 130 million.

7. 41.7 million posts are published every month with 60.5 million new comments.

(Source: WordPress / Akismet)

This number doesn’t include the comments considered to be spam, of which there are 132 million every month. If you read through the 41.7 million new posts, you’d see that the 60.5 million comments are left by visitors from all around the world, according to the latest WordPress usage statistics.

8. There are more than 1.1 million new WordPress domains every 6 months.

(Source: Digital)

WordPress’s usage and popularity are still on a steady incline, even though the content management system has been around since 2003. With more than a million new domains registered every six months, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS out there.

9. 22% of all new domains in the US run on WordPress.

(Source: WordPress)

This answers the question, What percentage of websites are WordPress? What’s more, WordPress’s popularity in the US is at its peak—the platform runs more than a fifth of all newly registered domains in the country.

10. The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded 43.4 million times.

(Source: WordPress)

Looking at the live counter available at WordPress.org, we can see how rapidly the latest version of WordPress (WordPress 5.3) is being downloaded. The previous version of WordPress (5.2) reached the 7 million downloads mark In just two weeks after being released. At the time of writing, the displayed WordPress stats show the number of downloads of the latest WordPress version sitting at 43,497,360.

11. There are 55,897 WordPress plugins available.

(Source: WordPress)

WordPress works hard to ensure that any potential issues their users run into can be easily fixed with a plugin. With nearly 55,900 plugins in their database, there’s more than enough for any idea that comes to mind. However, the number of obsolete plugins in the directory is vast, so be mindful about what you download.

12. The All-in-One SEO Pack WordPress plugin has been downloaded over 65.4 million times.

(Source: WordPress)

Downloaded more than 65 million times since its release in 2007, the All-in-One SEO Pack is one of the most popular plugin WordPress has to offer. WooCommerce is the most widely used ecommerce plugin. According to WooCommerce stats, the plugin had recorded over 86.3 million downloads so far. CMS usage data lists other popular plugins, such as Akismet, Contact Form 7, NextGEN Gallery, Google Analytics, and others.

13. The most popular WordPress theme has earned more than $34.6 million.

(Source: ThemeForest)

Avada, the most popular theme on ThemeForest, has been sold to 577,781 WordPress users. Priced at $60, we can easily calculate that the revenue this theme has brought in exceeds $34.6 million. In case $60 is too steep for you and you require more personalization for your WordPress usage, more than 5,900 free themes are available to choose from.

Fun Facts About WordPress

14. WordPress has no CEO.

(Source: IsItWP)

Most people expect Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’s founder, to be the organization’s CEO. WordPress’s initial release in May 2003 was a long time ago. However, WordPress didn’t officially fill the chief position back then, and it still hasn’t. Instead, volunteer developers from around the globe run the project.

Additionally, WordPress is registered as a nonprofit organization in order to protect its open-source nature.

15. 1,084 WordCamps have been organized thus far.

(Source: WordCamp)

Creating amazing WordPress sites isn’t the only thing developers in the WordPress community care about. Casual conferences, or WordCamps, are held around the world, with the goal to bring WordPress together and teach people how to use the CMS more effectively. So far, 1,084 WordCamps, in 76 cities and 65 countries, have been organized by local WordPress communities.

16. The first ever WordCamp was held in 2006.

(Source: WordCamp)

Matt Mullenweg organized the first WordCamp 13 years ago. Much like today, all the speakers were volunteers. More than a decade later, a record-breaking camp was held in Europe, when 1,900 people from 79 countries showed up, the WordPress statistics from 2018 proudly list.

17. All the major WordPress releases were named after jazz musicians.

(Source: WordPress)

Ever since version 1.0 hit the web in January 2003, WordPress developers showed their love of jazz music by naming the critical releases after the famous musicians of this genre. Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, and Chet Baker are just some of them. Rahsaan Roland Kirk is the name behind WordPress’s latest version.

18. WordPress is available in 62 languages.

(Source: Digital)

You can currently build your own website in one of 62 languages with WordPress. If your preferred language isn’t available, plugins like Weglot expand the language list to over a hundred different options.

19. English is used in 71% of WordPress’s published pages.

(Source: WordPress)

Even though its content is published in more than 100 languages, English is preferred for the majority of WordPress users, blogging stats point out. The second most commonly used language is Spanish (4.7%), followed by Indonesian (2.4%), and Portuguese (2.3%). Languages such as French, Russian, and German are used far less, their usage sitting between 1% and 1.5%.

20. The average pay for a WordPress developer is $51,000.

(Source: PayScale)

According to Payscale.com, a WordPress developer earns $6,000 more per year than your average web designer. They also earn a smidge more than most web developers. The typical cost of a WordPress site is anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000, depending on your needs. WordPress site stats list examples of websites costing up to $100,000.

21. 25% of WordPress users make a full-time living off of the platform.

(Source: Kinsta)

For those who can pick the right product or service to sell and know how to place it properly, there’s always money to be made with WordPress. Statistics show that WordPress is the main source of income for a quarter of the platform’s users.

22. 243,161 freelance projects related to WordPress were completed at the start of 2015 on Freelancer.com.

(Source: CodeinWP)

According to WordPress statistics and data, 2014 was the year WordPress really took off. By the time 2015 came around, more than $60.5 million worth of WordPress projects were completed on Freelancer.com. At the time, WordPress was the most desirable and requested skill on the freelancing platform.

23. WordPress was used to guide a missile (well, sort of).

(Source: ThemeFuse)

In the TV series Strike Back, code from WordPress’s post.js file was used for “missile guidance.” After noticing the peculiarity, coders implemented a line that reads “weapon locked” into the original file.

24. WordPress is used by educational institutions, governments, and celebrities.

(Source: IsItWP)

The WordPress.com stats proudly present a list of WordPress users that includes Cornell University, Harvard Blogs, the official website of Sweden, Jay-Z, Kobe Bryant, and others. All of these entities and personalities have decided to use the world’s most popular CMS.

25. The official WordPress support forum has over 2 million topics.

(Source: CodeinWP)

More than 2 million topics are covered in the official WordPress support forum. This means that regardless of how new you are to the world of web design, you can find a solution to any issue you run into. According to the latest live chat statistics, 71% of customers prefer live chat, and WordPress recognizes the importance of offering live chat support. However, this type of support is only available to the platform’s paying customers.

WordPress Statistics: Security and Safety

26. 70,000 websites are blacklisted by Google on a weekly basis.

(Source: WPBeginner)

Google, the internet giant that acquires an average of one company every week, blacklists 70,000 websites every week due to security issues. 50,000 of them are blacklisted for phishing, while the rest are put out of commission due to malware issues.

27. Less than 33% of the WordPress installations in use are updated to the latest version.

(Source: Digital)

Not even a third of all WordPress users bother to update the software to the latest version available. This more than just puts them at a disadvantage with competitors; it also presents a huge security risk. Cyber security statistics show that a malicious hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds.

28. 39% of hacked WordPress websites ran on outdated versions of the CMS.

(Source: IsItWP)

This demonstrates just how dangerous it can be to run an old version of the software. WordPress safety statistics suggest that new updates cover a majority of the bugs found in the previous versions, increasing users’ security immensely.

29. 52% of the reported WordPress vulnerabilities are related to plugins.

(Source: IsItWP)

The biggest threat to security are plugins, it seems. Additionally, 50% of its plugins are outdated or poorly coded, so the importance of proper research before installing a theme or a plugin can’t be stressed enough. A fake SEO plugin infected 4,000 websites in 2017, according to the WordPress stats.

30. The Panama papers leak was caused by a plugin vulnerability.

(Source: Wordfence)

The notorious Panama papers leak, perhaps the most important data breach in history, can be attributed to poor plugin choices. The WP SMTP plugin—which stored email server addresses and login info in plain text in the WordPress database—was to blame for the leak, which included more than 4.8 million emails.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long has WordPress been around?

  • WordPress has been around since 2003. Since then, more than 50 major updates have been released. The most important upcoming one is version 5.3, and it is expected to go live sometime this year.

How do I find stats on WordPress?

  • Website monitoring tools are a must for those who want to know just how successful their web presence is. The number of visitors, page views, and conversions, as well as other important aspects, can be easily monitored using some of the popular plugins. These plugins include Jetpack, WP Statistics, StatCounter, and others.

What is the difference between views and visitors on WordPress?

  • The number of visitors and views are the two most important numbers for tracking your website’s success. However, the two terms are commonly used interchangeably, which couldn’t be more wrong. Visitors are individual visits to the website, while each individual can view more than one post on the site.

What is the best CMS?

  • This question is probably the most commonly asked one. According to the statistics listed in this text, as well as professionals’ experience with CMSs, WordPress is the best option for novice creators and experts alike. Ultimately, however, it’s a thing of personal preference; Wix that, as per the latest Wix statistics, today has 145 million registered users, Drupal, and others could also be the right fit.

How much of the internet is WordPress?

  • WordPress, as you were able to read above, powers 35.2% of the internet’s live websites. Current estimates show that there are around 24.8 million active sites that use WordPress as their CMS of choice.


Without WordPress, easy-to-use website builders such as Wix and Squarespace wouldn’t exist today. However, there’s a reason why WordPress is still king in the CMS game. The WordPress statistics listed above show just how prominent its use is today, 17 years after its inception.


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