How Long Can a Video be on Facebook?

The video length on Facebook is a source of contention among many marketing professionals. Without a doubt, your videos should be engaging from start to finish. Hence, finding that perfect middle ground (not too long nor too short) can be quite a challenge.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with our best video length for Facebook tips below.

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How Long Can a Video be on Facebook?

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If you’re looking to share videos on the second-largest video platform (besides YouTube), you should know the Facebook video length limit — namely, 240 minutes per Facebook feed.

Note that the same time limit applies to both Facebook Marketplace and Facebook search results.  

More Stats and Facts About Facebook’s Video Length 

Shorter videos (those under 2 minutes long) are the most engaging, according to the latest video marketing stats

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What is the best video length for Facebook?

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The general Facebook recommendation is that videos shouldn’t be longer than one minute for viral content. However, this doesn’t mean that your lengthier videos will perform poorly. Quite the opposite, in fact! 

For instance, live streaming, episodic web series, and developing stories work well in longer formats (3+ minutes, according to Facebook’s own recommendation).

Apart from that, it’s worth noting that Facebook’s algorithm prefers native videos. In other words, you should upload videos directly on Facebook instead of sharing Vimeo or YouTube links.

How long can Facebook Reels be?

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Facebook Reels can last up to one minute. Moreover, a reel can consist of one or more clips. You can make reels from Facebook clips and photos you’ve already taken. After adding them to the platform, you can freely edit them and add any effects and music you want.

How long should a Facebook ad video be?

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The maximum Facebook ad video length for both in-stream and news feed ads is 31 seconds. Nevertheless, Facebook has stated that 15 seconds is the ideal length. 

Let’s face it, nobody likes watching lengthy advertisements. However, if your ads are short and to the point, they’re more likely to convert. Simple as.

How long can a story be on Facebook?

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The maximum Facebook story video length in 2022 can be up to two minutes. Also, Facebook recommends uploading the highest resolution source video available that meets the ratio and size limits.

Overall, users can see a story within a 24-hour window. Likewise, photos have a max length of 5 seconds and videos 20. Image ads also last 5 seconds, whereas video ads last 15 seconds or less. If the video ad is over 15 seconds, Facebook will divide it into story cards.

Wrapping Up

Remember, with Facebook videos, time is of the essence! They should only be as long as they need to (to convey the right message) — not a second longer!

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