How Many People Use Telegram?

Telegram is a privacy-focused free messaging app available for both Android and iOS. Its increased popularity has prompted people to wonder just how many people use Telegram.

Stop wondering! We’ll tell you some relevant stats and facts about Telegram, so keep reading!

How Many People Use Telegram?

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Telegram has more than 550 million monthly active users currently. In the last three and a half years, this app has grown by 350 million users.

Telegram statistics show that at one point in January 2021, 25 million new users joined in just 72 hours, making it the world’s most installed app at that exact time.

More Stats and Facts On Telegram Users

Do you want to find out the countries where Telegram is the most popular? To learn this and more, keep on reading!

Which countries use Telegram the most?

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India is where Telegram is the most popular in terms of downloads. India also has the biggest number of daily monthly active users.

Telegram’s penetration averages at 25%, and Spain wins with 26% making it one of the countries where Telegram is used the most.

How many active users does telegram have daily?

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Out of all the 550 million active users Telegram has, 55.2 million are active daily users of the app. This is a big jump from the 100,000 daily active users in the first year of the app’s release.

Telegram has been banned in some countries.

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Brazil is one of the countries that has decided to ban Telegram over disinformation concerns. Russia decided to ban Telegram back in 2018, but people still found ways to use the app for two more years until the ban was lifted.

75% of Telegram users say they learn the news from the app.

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Of all the users, 69% say they use it because it’s more convenient than other messengers. Around 49% state that for them, the app is a way to exchange files and links between their devices.

Other people say the majority of their personal communication happens on Telegram. Some other reasons are using Telegram for its stickers, keeping notes, and downloading music, movies, and books.

You can add someone in Telegram by their username.

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One option is to add someone on Telegram using their phone number. But, if you don’t know someone’s number, but you know the username, you can just use the Telegram user search to find someone by their username.

Telegram was one of the most popular apps in the world in 2021.

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Worldwide, Telegram was the fifth most downloaded app, with the world’s most popular app being Tiktok. Telegram had 329 million, right behind WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Other apps among the top 10 behind Telegram were Snapchat, Zoom, Messenger, CapCut, and Spotify.

Wrapping Up

All of these Telegram user statistics prove the popularity of this app! Go ahead and try it if you still haven’t! And if you are among the many people who already use the app, now you know that installing it was right.


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