How Much Is Samsung Worth?

Samsung’s primary focus is digital media, telecommunication networks, LCD digital appliances, and semiconductors. 

It’s considered one of South Korea’s largest real estate companies and is recognized as a national South Korean company. Now, let’s see Samsung‘s net worth and other impressive statistics and facts.

Let’s dig in!

How Much Is Samsung Worth?

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Samsung is one of the largest corporations in the world. In 2020 Samsung’s revenue reached $293 billion.

Now, the company’s net worth is about $500 billion.

More Stats and Facts About Samsung Worth

Samsung was the second most innovative company in 2020, with 6,415 patents. 

Here are some more fantastic stats and facts about this famous producer of electronic devices.

How much money does Samsung make a year?

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Samsung’s revenue at the moment is $250.21 billion. 

In 2021, the company made a revenue of $240.71 billion; in 2020, the company made a total income of $203.43 billion.

How much is a Samsung Galaxy S10 worth?

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On the official Samsung site, the prices for Galaxy S10 start at $235. Storage capacity influences its costs. 

Samsung phones maintain their value, but as new models are introduced, the prices will continue to fall. Samsung phones rank second after iPhones. They were the most used Android phones in the US in 2021.

How much is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4?

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Galaxy Z is the latest Samsung smartphone. The prices for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 start at $799.99. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 starting from $299.99.

Four colors are available, and Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with an S Pen with which you can write when needed. Besides its innovative design, this smartphone offers the most powerful processor ever. 

And with their upgraded camera, they’re bringing a professional kit to the foldable form for the first time. 

It’s worth noting that Samsung Internet controls 6.59% of the global share of mobile browser usage.

When was Samsung founded?

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Lee Byung-Chull founded Samsung in March 1938 as a grocery trading store. In 1969, the company entered the electronics industry with a black and white TV as its first product. 

The company’s electronics have evolved so much that one of Samsung’s latest TVs is one of the most expensive luxury tech gifts, costing around $150,000.

Soon after the first TV, Samsung began exporting its products and grew to become a major electronic manufacturer in South Korea.

How many employees does Samsung have?

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The South Korean conglomerate had 266,673 employees globally in 2021. As of September 2021, the company employed over 100,000 people at its headquarters alone in South Korea.

Wrapping Up 

Now that you know Samsung‘s brand value and the company’s size, it’s time to consider buying some electronics if you don’t own one already!

Besides making fantastic smartphones, Samsung also works in different fields, and it’s investing a lot in future technologies to make our future a lot better.

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