How Much Is Website Hosting?

Web hosting is a crucial component of your website because it influences its cost and potential performance. So, you’ll also have to pay web hosting fees for as long as you own your website.

But how much does website hosting cost?

Read on to find out. 

How Much Is Website Hosting?

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The four main categories of hosting servers are shared, dedicated, virtual private server (VPS), and cloud hosting.

Although all types of servers will serve as a repository for your website, they vary in terms of storage volume, control, level of technical expertise needed, reliability, and server speed.

The monthly website hosting cost starts from $2 to $15 for shared hosting and goes from $80 to $500 for dedicated hosting. But, your choice of the best hosting provider also depends on other factors besides the price.

More Stats and Facts About Website Hosting Cost

Once you’ve finished the process of building a website, it’s time to choose your website host. We’re here to answer a few more questions about website hosting.

Keep on reading to find out!

How much does VPS hosting cost?

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VPS website hosting yearly cost varies between $240.00 and $1,200 or $20.00 and $100.00 a month. However, you can get cloud hosting for as low as $2.00 a month.

You share the same server with dozens or hundreds of other websites with shared web hosting. 

A VPS web hosting plan hosts your website on the same server as a few other websites, but the amount of traffic or space those other websites use doesn’t affect your website’s performance.

How much does cloud hosting cost? 

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The average monthly cost of a good cloud website hosting is $313.90 per month. This estimate considers the rate of technology refresh, scaling requirements, and the cost of system administration staffing. 

In comparison, the average monthly cost of dedicated website hosting is $1,476.31. Customers who like to own server websites will benefit more from a dedicated server. It’s recommended if people want good transfer quality and responsive customer support.

However, there are superb cheap dedicated servers, starting at $19.59 a month. Also, Hostwinds, the most well-rounded cloud hosting solution, starts at $4.99/month.

Cloud hosting and VPS hosting are similar. However, the main distinction is that VPS hosting is based on physical servers, while cloud hosting relies on interconnected servers across a large geographical area.

How much does it cost to self-host a website?

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A website costs between $1,100 and $3,800 to host. This price includes hosting and web development, security, maintenance, domain, and payment processing for ecommerce, among others.

Many people host their websites, but these are usually community forums or personal blogs that require little maintenance or storage. However, hosting services provide many benefits for heavier site operations that far outweigh the costs.

How much does Google website hosting cost?

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The web host isn’t cheap, but everyone appreciates the familiar interfaces and streamlined approach to hosting.

Website owners pay around $50 monthly for Google’s most basic cloud server, which includes 8GB of memory and two virtual CPUs.

Wrapping Up 

When deciding on a website host, you must consider its price, features, reputation, and customer service. 

Now that you know the average cost of website hosting, you can make an informed decision, so you won’t end up paying far more than you anticipated.

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