30 LinkedIn Statistics Every Pro Should Know in 2024

Is LinkedIn still popular? To answer this question, we’ll need to check out the numbers first. Since it was first founded in 2002, LinkedIn has served as a central hub for both employees and employers alike. The business- and employment-oriented platform has been a prominent name in the professional world, and its reputation is only growing stronger each year.

As far as the LinkedIn statistics show, there is still a steady user base for the platform. However, there’s more to LinkedIn’s numbers than meets the eye. The platform offers endless opportunities to businesses and marketers alike. Those who want to see how far it has come and where it’s headed to next, continue reading below for some mind-blowing stats and figures about LinkedIn.

General LinkedIn Statistics for 2024

  • LinkedIn has a user base of 740 million.
  • Around 57% of its users access the platform on mobile devices every month.
  • A total of 87 million Millennials are on LinkedIn.
  • There are 55 million companies with LinkedIn profiles.
  • The US has the most users on LinkedIn, with over 170 million profiles.
  • LinkedIn users spend an average of 8.52 minutes on the site each day.
  • As much as 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn ads.
  • Around 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing.
  • 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn.
  • Over 43% of LinkedIn users are women.

LinkedIn User Statistics

The very core of LinkedIn is its users. They create profiles to find jobs and seek opportunities in the corporate world. There are also users who create profiles to find people to work for them. Without them, LinkedIn wouldn’t be the professional platform that it is today. As such, we must look at the numbers and figures they’ve produced, starting with an answer to the question – How many LinkedIn users are there?

1. Its user base is 740 million strong. LinkedIn is still far from its user goal of 3 billion.

(Source: Business Insider / LinkedIn)

The platform crossed the 500 million mark last 2017, 15 years since it was founded. And the number has been consistently growing. Today, in 2021, LinkedIn has 740 million users across 200 countries worldwide.

2. LinkedIn’s number of users’ goal is 3 billion.

(Source: Wired)

Having 740 million users is already a fantastic feat, but LinkedIn is far from stopping. Company CEO Jeff Weiner has stated before that their user goal is 3 billion, at which point the company will become the central hub for all professionals worldwide.

3. 39% of LinkedIn users have a premium account. 

(Source: Kinsta)

What percentage of LinkedIn users are premium? According to recent data, 39% of LinkedIn users pay for the premium service. There are currently four tiers to this particular service: Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Pro, and Recruiter Lite (Hiring). These range in price from $29.99 to $119.95 a month.

4. At least two professionals join LinkedIn every second.

(Source: LinkedIn)

LinkedIn’s current user base shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. According to LinkedIn growth statistics, at least two professionals join the platform every second. In total, LinkedIn should gain at least 123 million more users in the upcoming years.

5. Of its 260 million active monthly users, 40% access the website daily.

(Source: Kinsta)

At least 400,000 of LinkedIn’s 260 million active monthly users access the platform daily. Employers can see this as an opportunity to recruit from a large pool of highly adept and experienced professionals. This piece of LinkedIn statistics for businesses should prove valuable to employers.

6. LinkedIn SlideShare currently has over 80 million active users.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)

LinkedIn has expanded since 2002. One of its key new services is SlideShare, a slide deck sharing platform. Recent data suggests that the platform has over 80 million active users. It’s one of the emerging marketing tools people should take note of.

7. LinkedIn age demographics count 87 million Millennials on LinkedIn.

(Source: Kinsta / Wingman)

Millennials make up a huge portion of the population. In fact, there are 2 billion Millennials worldwide and more than 84 million in the United States. Of this 2 billion, a whopping 87 million are on LinkedIn. Demographics like this are vital for employers as this generation will be the driving force of the future.

8. Of the Millennials on LinkedIn, 11 million have secured decision-making positions.

(Source: LinkedIn)

According to these LinkedIn user demographics, Millennials have a significant influence on buying power across various markets. For employers, they could use LinkedIn as an opportunity to tap into that very market.

9. 43.1% of all LinkedIn users are women.

(Source: Statista)

LinkedIn provides equal opportunities for those seeking jobs, regardless of their race, age, or gender. Of its 740 million users, just under half of them are women, i.e., 43.1%,  which almost matches the percentage of women that use Facebook. This news is excellent for LinkedIn demographics as it should continue to encourage more women to use the platform.

10. Overall, 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and 63 million are in decision-making positions.

(Source: Hootsuite / Influencer Marketing Hub )

If employers or markets are looking for the next influencer or decision-maker to add to their team, they should consider LinkedIn’s impressive roster of professionals in the field. It could help shorten the time between recruitment and hiring.

11. Who is the most connected person on LinkedIn in 2021? The answer is Ron Bates.

(Source: Neal Schaffer)

Surprisingly, it’s not someone you’ve heard about in the news. The most-connected man is none other than Ron Bates, a retained executive search expert. With 41,000 connections, he is this year’s most connected person. 

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

Understanding LinkedIn’s growth and progress shouldn’t only involve looking at those on the platform. We must also get a glimpse of how the platform itself is being used. From the most common devices users use to where most of them reside, these stats provide information every professional should know.

12. Over 260 million users log on to LinkedIn monthly.

(Source: Kinsta)

How many monthly active users does LinkedIn have? It’s not just their user base that’s consistently growing, the number of active users is increasing as well. The platform’s monthly active user base reached 260 million now. It’s a big jump from the previous year’s 106 million monthly active users.

13.Around 57% of LinkedIn’s traffic is from mobile devices.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Our generation has become dependent on smartphones and tablets. Last year,  91% of total internet users worldwide were mobile internet users. The platform’s mobile user count climbs with each month, and for employers, this means they have an easier way to reach out to professionals.

14. So, which countries use LinkedIn the most? The US has the most LinkedIn users, over 170 million.

(Source: Statista)

According to recent data, the US makes up roughly 23% of LinkedIn’s user base, with over 170 million active users in 2021. India comes next with 71 million active users, followed by China with 50 million active users.

15. There are 3 million jobs posted in the US monthly.

(Source: LinkedIn)

These Linkedin statistics shouldn’t be surprising, as roughly 30,000 companies use the platform to recruit workers.

16. Users can add up to 36,000 skills to their profile.

(Source: LinkedIn)

One thing that sets LinkedIn apart is that its users can add up to 36,000 skills to their profile, enabling them to showcase their professional brand. 

17. Only 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly.

(Source: Foundation)

It may come as a surprise to you, but according to the latest Linkedin stats, only about .40% of the users are posting content on LinkedIn weekly. This means that only about 3 million users out of 740 million take advantage of the platform’s immense offering for content creators.

18. LinkedIn users spend an average of 8.52 minutes on the site each day.

(Source: BusinessofApps)

Since LinkedIn is an excellent place to engage with fellow professionals, co-workers, and employers, it’s no wonder that its users spend a considerable amount of time on it each day.

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for professionals to seek work or for employers to find employees. It can also be used as an effective marketing platform. Many marketers are happy with the ROI they’re getting through LinkedIn. To understand why, let’s take a look at these key facts and figures.

19. As much as 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing.

(Source: HootSuite)

Linkedin stats show that 96% of the B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their organic marketing strategy. It makes LinkedIn the top channel for content distribution by B2B marketers. By publishing content on LinkedIn, marketers can create more leads, relationships, and bonds with millions of interested users. 

20. Around 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn ads.

(Source: HootSuite)

If LinkedIn is the top social network for organic marketing, it also tops on paid ads. That’s why, according to LinkedIn advertising statistics, 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn ads.

21. An ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the world’s population.

(Source: HootSuite)

While it’s not a high percentage, LinkedIn has the edge of having various types of professionals as its target audience. Therefore, marketers can use this excellent opportunity to find quality leads. 

22. Content with images gets double the comments.

(Source: LinkedIn)

LinkedIn growth trends are similar to other trends when it comes to online content. People are just innately attracted to posts with more visuals. The latest blogging statistics show that 54% of bloggers include more than one image per post. For marketers, this means they should get media-heavy with their content while ensuring that performance isn’t hindered along the way.

23. Content with videos is 5 times more likely to get comments.

(Source: LinkedIn)

Images are a crucial piece of media when it comes to garnering comments. However, it’s videos that marketers should be after as they gain much higher engagement. Of course, marketers should avoid adding videos that are too long.

LinkedIn User Growth History for Businesses

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn isn’t just a portal for professionals and people looking for jobs. It is also a platform for businesses. For them, LinkedIn is a new avenue for growth, opportunities, and new relationships and connections. To see how LinkedIn affects firms, let’s examine the statistics on LinkedIn for businesses.

24. 59% of B2B marketers confirm that LinkedIn generates leads for businesses.

(Source: LinkedIn)

On the other hand, 33% of B2B marketers are unsure where their leads are coming from. However, some of these could very well still be from LinkedIn.

25. There are over 55 million companies with LinkedIn profiles.

(Source: LinkedIn)

It’s not just private individuals who are free to create profiles on LinkedIn. Companies and even small businesses join the platform too. According to the latest Linkedin network statistics, there are over 55 million companies with profiles on the platform. They could be brands seeking connections or even new people to recruit.

26. 38% of B2B marketers believe that LinkedIn generates income for them.

(Source: DemandWave)

More than a third of B2B marketers believe that the platform can generate extra revenue for their business. That’s three times more than Twitter, four times more than Facebook, and 19 times more than Instagram.

27. LinkedIn is capable of generating 3 times more conversions than the top social networking platforms.

(Source: HubSpot)

According to the LinkedIn stats, the platform generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%. Facebook follows at 0.77% and Twitter at 0.69%.

28. 80% of the B2B web traffic that comes from social media is from LinkedIn.

(Source: Forbes)

There are a few reasons why so much web traffic from social media originates from LinkedIn. The first is that LinkedIn is easy to use and is accessible on desktop and mobile. Another reason is that people see LinkedIn as a credible source of information.

29. By using LinkedIn Lead Gen forms, 90% of B2B marketers could reduce their cost per lead.

(Source: LinkedIn)

LinkedIn’s lead generation forms are an advertising option made by the platform. And the LinkedIn statistics show that 90% of B2B marketers reduced their cost per lead by using the platform. As such, more businesses are spending more on running ads on LinkedIn.

30. 65% of B2B companies got a customer through LinkedIn.

(Source: Business2Community)

Since it’s so perfect for generating leads and conversions, it’s no surprise that companies and businesses can get more customers with LinkedIn. In fact, 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through the platform. LinkedIn facts like these are the reasons why companies love LinkedIn now more than ever.


LinkedIn will continue to be a dominant and prominent force in the professional world. As it continues to build relationships between professionals and companies, its user base will grow even further. We’re confident that the platform will reach its goal of having 3 billion profiles under its name, as the LinkedIn statistics continue to impress year over year.

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