How Much Is A Domain Name?

Having a strong domain name that displays on your company’s website gives you the credibility that encompasses customers’ trust. Having one is an investment any serious business owner must have.

But how much will it cost you? Keep reading to find the answer.

How Much Is A Domain Name?

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There is no definitive answer to this question as the costs of domains vary greatly, depending on certain factors, such as the domain registrar you’re choosing, if you’re taking a new one or just renewing, the domain level, etc.

However, a good starting point for the average domain name cost is around $10–$20, although you can find some with special discounts and codes for much lower prices.

More Domain Name Stats and Facts

Registering for a new domain name is just the beginning. There’s so much more to it worth knowing. So, keep reading to find more interesting stats and facts about domain names.

Different domain registrars charge differently.

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Different domain registrars offer different prices and terms. For example, the GoDaddy domain name cost for a .com site is $9.99 for the first two years, while NameCheap offers it for a much lower price of only $0.98 for the first year.

The domain name cost can increase after the first year.

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Buying a domain name is not the same as holding a domain name. Some registrars offer a free domain name, but after a few months or a year, you’ll have to pay the renewal rate. For example, popular website builder,’s current renewal rate is $18.99/year.

HostArmada and Hostinger offer a free domain name.

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American hosting service, HostArmada, offers a free domain name with all of their shared and WordPress hosting plans. The same is true for Hostinger, which lets you choose a free domain name when choosing one of their hosting plans.

10 Years is the safest term to lease a domain.

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The domain name renewal cost is typically lower if you renew the name for more years. However, even those sites that offer a lifetime lease don’t really provide that, and it’s not the wisest option. For one reason, the registrar could stop operations.

So, if you are looking for a long-term lease, ten years is the safest bet.

It’s always wise to check out the best cheapest website builders first before you commit to one right off the bat.

Private domain registration helps you keep your site more secure and private.

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Private registration means that domain name registrants’ information won’t display in the public Whois, and it gives your website an additional layer of security. Website building leader, Wix, offers this premium service for an additional $9.90/year.

There’s no  Wix domain name cost in the first year with one of their plans.

The world’s most expensive domain name sold for $872 million.

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This domain name belonged to A few more of the most expensive domain names are: ($49.7 million), ($35.6 million), and ($35 million)

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how much a domain name can cost per year and its average price, you can plan your budget for the year. Don’t forget to look around before committing to a domain registrar.


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