20 Sensational PlayStation Stats for Great Games in 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment offers one of the best consoles and handhelds worldwide, and our PlayStation stats are here to show it.    

PlayStation’s history started in 1994 when the first console was released in Japan and then made its way globally the following year. Sony, the leader in digital entertainment, produced this now world-famous console.

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Top 10 PlayStation Statistics and Facts:

  • PlayStation 2 is the most-sold console ever in the video gaming world.
  • Sony is the biggest video game company in the world in 2022.
  • PlayStation 1 sold 104.25 million units.
  • 84% of countries prefer the PlayStation 5 to the Xbox Series X.
  • PlayStation 4 has sold over 1.577 billion games.
  • PlayStation Network has about 102 million monthly active users.
  • PS5 sold between 2.1 million to 2.5 million units globally on launch days.
  • Gamers can play over 4,000 old-gen games on the PlayStation 5.
  • Female gamers account for 41% of all PS4/PS5 gamers.
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers jumped by 6.1 million from March 2020 to March 2021.

General PlayStation Stats and Facts

Is PlayStation superior to Xbox? Keep reading to find out about PlayStation’s market domination.

1. Sony is the biggest video game company in the world in 2022.

(Source: All Top Everything)

The video game industry is worth over $130 billion and Sony makes the most of the gaming revenue, reaching $24.9 billion in 2021. It’s mainly thanks to the PS5, which came out in 2020 and became the most popular video game console globally.

Microsoft and Nintendo come after Sony with gaming revenue of $16.3 and $15.3 billion, respectively.

2. 84% of countries prefer the PlayStation 5 rather than the Xbox Series X.

(Source: Rise At Seven)

PlayStation statistics reveal that Sony’s console was the most famous gaming console in 2020 worldwide. Sony proved once again that they’re superior to Microsoft when it comes to gaming.

PlayStation got 148 of 161 of the countries’ votes, and Xbox got 13, mostly smaller countries.

3. People can play over 4,000 PS4 games on the PlayStation 5.

(Source: PlayStation / GamesRadar+)

Although not every game is updated to offer extra features, users can play almost any PlayStation 4 game on PS5, whether disc-based or digital.

However, you may expect errors or unusual behavior when playing PS4 games on your PS5.

4. According to PlayStation global stats, people pre-ordered over one million PS4s.

(Source: First Post)

The PS4 came out on the 15th of November, 2013. This brought them roughly $400 million in revenue from the consoles bought just in North America on the launch day.

And by the 1st of December, Sony sold 2.1 million consoles worldwide in a fortnight.

5. The company held 70.06% of the console market in the UK as of August 2022.

(Source: Stat Counter)

In comparison, the Xbox held 29.93%, which already includes the 15.08 million Xbox X and S units sold globally. Moreover, Nintendo wasn’t used at all, keeping the console war between Microsoft and Sony.

At the moment, PlayStation is the most popular console, but don’t forget that these numbers change monthly.

6. PlayStation statistics show the company owned more than 96.77% of the Indian market share in August 2022.

(Source: Stat Counter)

Sony hasn’t been dominating just the US and the UK market. In fact, the company’s even stronger in India, and considering the demand for PlayStation 5, the number will probably stay high.

Of course, the numbers change, but Microsoft’s Xbox took only 3.11% of the Indian market in August.

Playstation Sales Statistics

This section will look at some fascinating statistics, such as PlayStation’s astounding sales figures. Continue reading to learn all about it.

7. Sony’s first PlayStation sold 104.25 million units.

(Source: Guinness World Records)

PSOne stayed on the market for twelve years — between December 1994 and March 2006. As a result, the company sold 71.32 million more units than the N64, its primary competitor.

PS made history in 2006 by becoming the first console to sell that many units, and it’s the fourth best-selling console in the gaming industry.

8. 450 million PlayStation units have been sold globally.

(Source: ONE Esports)

Combined, the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 set a record in November 2019, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Guinness World Records adjudicators.

Consequently, they crowned Playstation the best-selling gaming console brand ever.

9. Playstation facts show the PS2 is the most-sold console ever.

(Source: Hackernoon)

Selling 155 million units, the PlayStation 2 has excelled over all other home consoles before being discontinued on the same day the PS4 was launched.

However, over the years, Nintendo has been close behind Sony. In fact, the Nintendo DS almost took the best-selling title at 154 million units sold.

10. As of July 2022, Sony has sold 87.41 million PS3 units globally.

(Source: Statista / LifeWire)

The company released the PlayStation 3 in 2006 and was discontinued in the EU Markets in 2016 and Japan in 2017.

While the console was popular, it didn’t reach the notoriety of its predecessor or its successor.

11. Playstation game statistics show that PS4 has sold over 1.577 billion games.

(Source: Push Square)

This number makes PS4 the console with the most sold games in video game history. The previous record was PlayStation 2, with 1.537 billion games sold.

As of July 2021, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console had sold more than 115.9 million units.

12. PS5 sold between 2.1 million to 2.5 million units on launch days.

(Source: VGChartz)

The console was first launched in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea on the 12th of November, 2020, and sold between 1.3 and 1.6 million units.

It sold another estimated 800,000 units a week later in the rest of the world.

To say that gamers were anxiously waiting for the new console would be an understatement. That is why the success of Sony’s PS5 isn’t surprising.

Playstation User Stats

How many hours do gamers spend on PlayStation? Are there a lot of female gamers? Keep on reading to find out.

13. PlayStation users accumulated 60.9 billion gameplay hours in 2020.

(Source: Sony)

That’s equivalent to almost 7 million years and definitely more than the average time people spend on their screens, which is six hours and 55 minutes. We can also notice that every console is used more than the previous one.

For instance, the first five months after the release are significantly better for PlayStation 5 than PlayStation 4. While PS5 users played 53.4 hours in February 2021 (three months after its launch), gamers used the PS4 for 33.8 hours on average during the same period.

14. PlayStation demographics show female gamers account for 41% of all PS4/PS5 gamers.

(Source: Sony)

Over recent years, there’s been growing female interest in video games. In the era of the PlayStation 1, only 18% of women-owned a console. So, now the number has increased by 23%.

Predictions are that this gender divide among PS gamers will equalize in the next few years.

15. As of June 2022, PlayStation Network has about 102 million monthly active users.

(Source: Statista)

In December 2021, there were 111 million active users, so we can notice a slight decrease in 2022. In March 2014, the number of monthly active users was only 50 million.

A part of the reason may be Sony’s Playstation Network data breach attack in 2014, which compromised the personal information of 77 million users.

16. PlayStation store statistics reveal that the store had an estimated 47.3 million users in the summer of 2022.

(Source: Statista)

PlayStation Network has a store where users can buy the subscription services and latest releases, PlayStation Plus. In addition, it allows users to play online with friends and gain access to early releases.

17. PlayStation Plus subscribers jumped by 6.1 million from March 2020 to March 2021.

(Source: Statista)

PS Plus is a fantastic subscription service for users who like to try out new games every month. The total number of PS Plus subscribers reached 47.4 million in March 2022.

These yearly stats show that the number of PS Plus subscribers has still managed to go high despite the lockdown and economic problems.

Facts About Playstation

What’s the best-selling game? How much do gamers really love PS? Read some interesting facts here.

18. Gran Turismo was the best-selling game up until PS4.

(Source: Giant Bomb)

PS1 dominated the 32/64-bit era and had many games that sold at least a million copies.

Gran Turismo sold 10.85 million copies. Next were Final Fantasy VII and Gran Turismo 2, with 10 million and 9.37 million copies, respectively.

19. Horizon Zero Dawn is the most expensive form of media made in the Netherlands.

(Source: Game Rant / PlayStation Lifestyle)

The Dutch studio paid 47 million euros to make this top-rated game, but the investment paid off.

It earned a lot of money for Sony, considering that the game is one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time, having sold over 10 million copies.

20. A die-hard PlayStation fan legally changed his name to Mr. PlayStation 2.

(Source: Game Rant)

The fact that the PS2 isn’t just a console, but a man too is one of the most interesting facts about PlayStation. His huge love for the console encouraged Dan Holmes to change his name.

But in our opinion, if you’re a big fan of gaming, perhaps it’s better to treat yourself to a comfortable gaming chair instead of changing your name.

Wrapping up

Since it was introduced in 1994, this Japanese brand has enjoyed huge figures. Sony’s video game console is the most widely known product, and its success can be easily understood when looking at our statistics.

It’s a ubiquitous name in the gaming world and a highly successful brand that stands out for its popularity.


Is the PS5 more powerful than the PS4 Pro?

(Source: Digital Trends)

Yes, it is.

The GPU in the PS5 is rated at 10.3 TFLOPs. According to that number, the GPU in the PS5 is about eight times two and a half times more powerful than the GPU in the PS4 Pro, which is only 1.84 TFLOPS.

How do I check hours played on PS4?

(Source: How To’s Guru)

To check the number of hours you played, go to Settings, choose System, then Usage. You’ll see how many hours you have spent on each game.

Also, you can see how much time you have spent on your PS4 in total.

Can PS5 run PS4 games at 120 FPS?

(Source: PSU / Techraptor)

PS5 consoles can support games running at 120 frames per second.

The games look smooth and are responsive, making them perfect for shooting, racing, and fighting games since they demand quick reactions. However, you won’t be running PS4 games on your PS5 anytime yet considering the games require a native port.

How do I check my stats on PS5?

(Source: Make Use Of)

Playstation stats on the latest console can be checked by going to the home screen, selecting your profile icon at the top-right. Open the menu, choose Profile, and switch over to the Games tab.

You can see all the games you’ve played, when was the last time you played a specific game, and your total play hours.

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