What Is A Good CPU Temp?

CPU, short for “central processing unit,” needs to be at the optimal temperature for you to get the best performance out of your PC. Today, we will tell you what the best CPU temp is and why that is.

What Is A Good CPU Temp?

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The best CPU temperature range is 150–160 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, your PC will perform at its best when running basic apps. However, it can increase to 175 degrees Fahrenheit with games or intensive software.

Bear in mind that many processors have different tolerances, so your processor may be able to tolerate higher temperatures like laptops do since their components are more densely packed, giving them less space for airflow.

Relatively, accessing websites using HTTPS protocol may avoid increasing your CPU temperature because it has less CPU usage than HTTPS.

More Info On CPU Temperature

There’s more to know about your CPU temperature as it can make or break not only your usage, but the computer itself, so keep reading!

How To Check CPU Temperature?

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There are apps you can install to help you check and monitor your CPU temperature. One such app is Core Temp. Once you install the Core Temp app, you’ll see it as an icon in your system tray. You can check your CPU temp by just hovering over the icon.

If you open the app, you can find more information like the temperature of all the cores, the speed, etc.

 Is 70 Degrees Hot For A CPU?

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Up to 70 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) is fine. Your computer will perform at the best of its ability. However, everything over 70 degrees Celsius can start causing problems.

The idle CPU temp is usually between 86–104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The average CPU temp idle refers to the temperature of your PC when you leave it idle. In simple words, it’s the temperature when you’re not actually using your desktop. In Celsius, this number is 30–40 degrees.

You risk overheating if your CPU is 176 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

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A good CPU temp while gaming is between 142–164 degrees Fahrenheit. In Celsius, that’s 61–73 degrees. While this is the average, different processors may be able to handle more heat, so in the end, it depends on the processor your PC has.

Overheating can destroy your processor.

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If your PC is making unusual fan sounds, crashing, or restarting constantly, you should check your CPU temperature. If the temperature reaches between 80–90 degrees Celsius, this is not good, and if it surpasses the maximum CPU temperature at 90 degrees, this is critical.

Wrapping Up

Now that you already know the right temperature your CPU should have, it’s time you check your PC’s performance. See that it has a good CPU temp and if it is in the normal range. If your PC isn’t working correctly, you also know what to do, so let’s get down to business!


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