19 Fascinating Zoom Statistics and Facts

How is Zoom doing today? Read on to find many exciting Zoom statistics to see how big they’ve become.

Zoom might be the world’s most popular web conferencing platform. Zoom Meetings launched in 2013, and over 400,000 people signed up within the first month.

So, it was popular back then, but since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Zoom has been running the world of virtual meetings and calls.

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The Top 10 Zoom Stats and Facts:

  • In 2020, people downloaded the video meeting platform about 485 million times.
  • Zoom hosted a bit over 3.3 trillion annual minutes in 2020.
  • In 2020, there were around 350 million daily active participants.
  • 36.59% of all Zoom users are from the US.
  • Zoom has gained over 2,500 academic customers since 2015.
  • 69% of people use Zoom for remote meetings. 
  • The total revenue brought in Q4 of 2021 accounts for $882.49 million.
  • The number of participants during one meeting can go up to 1,000.
  • Zoom’s data usage is about 888 MB per hour.
  • 72.76% of Zoom’s web traffic comes from its direct marketing strategy.

Zoom Statistics During Covid

In the upcoming section, you’ll learn how Zoom has risen to the top of the market thanks to social distancing.

1. In 2020, people downloaded the video meeting platform about 485 million times.

(Source: Ricotta / USA Today)

In 2020, Zoom was Apple’s most downloaded iPad and iPhone app. It shared the list of top 5 downloaded apps with TikTok, which was the most downloaded app in the world in 2021, Disney+, YouTube, and Instagram.

2. For the quarter ending in April 2020, Zoom experienced a 169% increase from the year before.

(Source: Wired)

At the end of April 2020, Zoom’s total revenue was around $328.2 million, a 169% increase from the same period in 2019. So, it’s safe to say that when talking about Zoom, its growth during the pandemic is quite impressive.

3. Zoom hosted a bit over 3.3 trillion annual minutes in 2020.

(Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Many businesses have stopped working due to COVID-19, but that’s not the case with Zoom. Before the pandemic, Zoom hosted only a bit more than 100 million meeting minutes, but in April 2020, that number had increased to 2.6 trillion.

4. In 2020, there were around 350 million daily active participants.

(Source: Vox)

At the end of 2019, there were around 10 million meeting participants. However, since many businesses shifted to remote work, the company has transformed into a household name.

5. The total revenue brought in Q4 of 2021 accounts for $882.49 million.

(Source: Statista / CNBC)

Zoom stats show that the revenue increased by $694.24 million from the same period the year before.

Moreover, the estimated revenue in Q4 of 2022 is about $1.07 billion, showing even greater growth. However, some stats also show that Zoom’s value has decreased by over 75% since its stock peaked in October 2020.

6. 24% of users who have downloaded Zoom on Apple and Play Store are 35–49 years old.

(Source: IT Brief)

Statistic and download rates show that individuals aged 35–49 have downloaded Zoom the most, while 23% of users are aged 25–34. People aged 65 or above use this platform the least. 

The fascinating thing is that users spent $19 billion on the App Store in 2020 globally.

Zoom Usage Statistics and Facts

Keep reading if you’re interested in the latest stats on Zoom regarding its user base, customers, and much more!

7. 36.59% of all Zoom users are from the US.

(Source: Similarweb)

Looking at the stats for last month, the majority of Zoom’s audience comes from the US. After the US, 4.43% of users are from India, and 4.19% come from Japan. They are followed by Canada, Peru, and others.

8. As of the third quarter of 2021, Zoom holds 512,100 business customers with more than ten employees.

(Source: TechRadar)

The cloud-based video conferencing service is mainly focused on its business base. However, the number of companies with over ten employees that use Zoom grew by 18% from the year before.

Moreover, 2,507 of these customers provide over $100,000 each in Zoom annual revenue.

9. 55% of $100,000 or higher revenue customers began using Zoom through an employee free trial.

(Source: Forbes)

Zoom has a bottom-up approach, meaning that junior employees affect the service rather than the top-down approach.

Many of the highest-paying users began with a single employee’s free trial. So, users with a license convert other users from the office by sharing the link.

10. Zoom has gained over 2,500 academic customers since 2015.

(Source: Technology Magazine)

In September 2013, only 4,500 organizations and 3 million participants were using Zoom. Zoom numbers show that since 2015, many organizations globally have started using the platform. That includes academic institutions and around 90% of the best US universities.

11. 69% of people use Zoom for remote meetings.

(Source: Nira)

Zoom user statistics show that Zoom is the most used video/audio platform. Other popular apps for remote meetings are Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, and WebEx.

Zoom is a winner because the platform is suitable for conferences, webinars, and business meetings, among other things.

12. Only 20% of participants listen and provide feedback during Zoom webinars.

(Source: Wall Street Zen)

Zoom live webinars and webinar replays have become a popular aspect of Zoom. The best features of live webinars are the ability to communicate with webinar attendees, mute or unmute, and share your screen.

However, an online poll of 4,666 participants also showed that 27% of participants tend to do something else until their name is called out.

13. Zoom usage is restricted in some countries.

(Source: Zoom Support)

The restriction is one of the not-well-known facts about Zoom. The web conferencing platform is widely used worldwide, but there are some places where it’s highly regulated and restricted.

For example, regions in Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and can’t access Zoom services due to the regulations in those countries.

14. Zoom had some privacy and security problems in the past.

(Source: Social Media HQ)

Unfortunately, not all the popularity it gained has been positive.

In the process known as “Zoombombing,” hackers and trolls started targeting Zoom, leaving inappropriate content during Zoom calls. In addition, cybercriminals have been trying to steal users’ information.

Zoom acted fast to stop these attacks, and most of these flaws have been diminished or fixed since the spring of 2020, but some new issues do appear occasionally.

15. The number of participants in Zoom during one meeting can go up to 1,000.

(Source: Nerds Chalk)

If people use Zoom Enterprise without the add-on plan, they can host up to 500 participants. However, if they use Zoom Enterprise Plus, the maximum number in one call is 1000 — and everyone can be interactive.

If you use the free or Pro version, the maximum number of participants will be 100.

16. They launched the Zoom Phone feature in January 2019.

(Source: Zoom Blog)

Zoom Phone’s presence was expanded internationally to provide customers with even more flexibility, offering VoIP service in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the UK, and the US.

Additionally, the company launched beta services for qualified users in some European countries.

Zoom Statistics for 2022

All the new features will make this video conferencing app even more user-friendly. So, Zoom is here to stay amidst this rapidly changing world!

17. Zoom joined the GIFCT.

(Source: Reuters)

YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, and Meta co-founded the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism in 2017 after some terrorist attacks in Europe.

Other tech companies, including WordPress, Amazon, Dropbox, Discord, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Tumblr, have also joined the non-profit organization’s efforts to control extremist activity online.

18. Zoom data usage is about 888 MB per hour.

(Source: Satellite Internet)

You’ll consume this much data if you use it primarily for video conferencing calls with one other person or in other larger groups.

You’ll use more data if you set the video to HD, share your screen, or if there are more participants on a call. Functions like screen sharing and audio-only VoIP use a small amount of data, especially if only on one-on-one calls.

19. 72.76% of Zoom’s web traffic comes from its direct marketing strategy.

(Source: Similar Web)

Direct marketing is the most successful channel for the company in April 2022. For comparison, at the time of writing, 2.90% of traffic comes from social networks, 8.86% from referrals, and 13.62% from organic search.


Zoom is so popular that some people even use the word itself as a verb, so it’s clear how impactful the platform is in video conferencing.

It has adapted well to its rapidly growing user base and reaped the rewards, and looking at the Zoom statistics, we have no doubt that it will be able to hold onto its current user base even after the pandemic.


How many active users does Zoom have in 2021?

(Source: Vox)

Including both free and paying users, Zoom had more than 350 million active users in 2021. For comparison, in December 2019, it had an average of 10 million daily users.

How does Zoom measure engagement?

(Source: Zoom Support)

As of April 2020, Zoom dismissed the attendee attention tracker feature. However, the host can measure engagement by live poll, satisfaction survey, and the participant’s interactions and interest in the activities.

What is Zoom's net worth?

(Source: GOBankingRates/Macrotrends)

By the GOBankingRates metric, Zoom’s net worth is over $10.46 billion. The net worth calculates the platform’s cost based on measurable, concrete figures — like revenue and assets.

However, if we look at the company’s stock price and multiply it by the number of shares issued and held by stockholders at the moment, its worth is closer to $33.97 billion.

How much money did Zoom make in 2021?

(Source: Statista)

Zoom statistics show that in the fiscal year ending on the 31st of January 2022, the platform achieved about $4.1 billion in revenue. This shows a growth of about 55% when compared to the year before.

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