32+ Incredible Instagram Statistics & Facts to Know in 2024

Instagram (IG), a Facebook subsidiary, is the largest photo- and video-sharing platform worldwide. And the Instagram statistics show that it’s considered the top social platform where brands and business owners alike can promote their services and products.

IG goes a long way to seamlessly accommodate these companies in providing a wide range of unique features every year. Indeed, by January 2019, 500 million users visited the Stories feature daily, according to recent Instagram stats. The data clearly shows that many of the world’s population runs to the platform every day. Needless to say, marketers and businesses alike should do what they can to learn how the network works.

For most of us, social media platforms are now part of our routine. So consider taking a look at the rundown of IG stats below. We’ve compiled them to help you fully understand what the platform’s intentions are, how it works, and how it has developed within just a few years of existence. People who enjoy using the network would definitely relish knowing more facts about it. Additionally, marketers looking to harness Instagram’s full potential will find the following statistics and facts more than worthwhile.

The Top Instagram Stats & Facts You Need to Know

  • Instagram has over a billion monthly active users.
  • About 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.
  • The number-one most-shared food on Instagram is pizza.
  • There are currently over 140 million Instagram users in the United States.
  • 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use.
  • More women use Instagram than men.
  • The majority of Instagram users are aged between 25–34 (33.1%).
  • 60% of Instagram users go on the platform to find new products.
  • 61% of brands are planning to increase their advertising budget for Instagram in 2021.
  • The Stories feature receives more than 500 million users daily.

Now, take a look at the stunning infographic we’ve designed for you!

Instagram Statistics Infographic

Fascinating Facts About Instagram

1. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012.

(Source: The Fact Site)

Let’s start with a little tidbit on the beloved network’s origin. A lot of Instagram users around the world don’t even know that Facebook owns the platform. Apart from that, those who know have no idea that Instagram was bought by the social giant at a $1 billion price tag back in 2012. Since then, the sky has been the limit for Instagram’s popularity. The following statistic is proof of this growth.

2. The total number of Instagram monthly active users has surpassed 1 billion people.

(Source: Hootsuite)

IG users are mostly known for spending a good part of their time utilizing its features, such as stories, video sharing, photo sharing, and a few others. Today, it has more than a billion users. In fact, these users are consistently active on the platform, pushing the number of Instagram daily active users up to an impressive 500 million. It shows the outstanding level of engagement that the network produces to keep its users’ interest, not to mention how ideal it is for business and product promotion.

3. About 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.

(Source: WouldYouHaveThought)

Instagram is all about sharing photos. It’s not surprising if Instagram statistics show that almost a thousand images are uploaded and shared on it every second. After all, IG was created specifically for showcasing your best photos on the internet.

4. Over 4.2 billion “likes” happen on Instagram daily.

(Source: PastBook)

“Likes” constitute one of the most-used features on the platform, to the point where there are over 4.2 billion of them every day, according to the top Insta stats on how people engage with the site. 

5. There were 5 million uploaded videos within the first 24 hours after Instagram announced the video feature in 2013.

(Source: PastBook)

Videos are one of the top types of content you’ll see posted on most IG users’ walls. Within just the first day of the Video feature being introduced, the number of uploaded videos surpassed 5 million. As we can see by these Instagram video statistics, its users wasted no time at all.

6. The number-one most-shared food on IG is pizza.

(Source: The Fact Site)

Believe it or not, people absolutely love to post food on “the Gram,” with sushi and steak also close to the top of the list. As exciting as it is to talk about what people do on Instagram, there’s still a lot to be learned about the network’s users’ preferences.

Stats on Instagram Demographics

7. There are currently over 140 million Instagram users in the United States.

(Source: Statista)

Of course, this means that there are many more people outside the US using the platform. Nevertheless, this is still an excellent opportunity for US-based companies and brands. Since the US makes up the highest percentage of users, you can see that Instagram is a great place to run local US ads, once you look at the number of Instagram users by country.

8. 80% of IG accounts are for personal use.

(Source: The Fact Site)

Business owners and brands are well-known for using the platform to promote their sales and services. They can do it much more efficiently if the company registers a business account. Personal accounts, however, dominate the user population—which can also be a good thing for businesses. According to case studies based on Instagram usage statistics, 80% of its accounts are for personal and individual use, leaving the remaining 20% with an impressive number of accounts to try to draw engagement from.

The latest blogging statistics show that 94% of bloggers believe social media is best for promoting their blog content, with 73% of marketers already leveraging Instagram’s advertising potential.

9. 4.1% of Americans past the age of 65 use Instagram.

(Source: Statista)

Who says IG is for teens and young adults only? When you think of how many people use Instagram, it’s hard not to picture a demographic made up of youths alone. It’s not the case, though. While it’s not the majority, the fact remains that at least 4.1% of older Americans have found ways to enjoy the platform. Next, we’ll see what Instagram’s gender breakdown looks like.

10. Women use Instagram 53.7% more than men in the US.

(Source: Statista)

Taking into account the top Instagram user stats, women are using it 53.7% more than men. And that’s in the US alone. Imagine how it is in other parts of the world. 

11. The majority of Instagram users are aged between 25–34 at 33.1% globally.

(Source: Statista) 

It’s not surprising that most Instagram users are 34 years old and under since this is usually the age of most marketers worldwide. As per Statista’s report on Instagram demographics on age, 31% of users fall under the age group of 25–34. Not too far behind are those aged between 18–24 (29.6%).

12. Instagram users would have reached 1,000.8 million globally by quarter four of 2020.

(Source: Insider Intelligence eMarketer)

Apart from the effects of the global pandemic in social media usage, the Instagram growth statistics reveal a forecast that Instagram would have reached 1.8 billion users from all over the world by the fourth quarter of 2020, which may have been due to its recent product launch of shopping tags in Instagram’s Reels. As usual, Facebook still leads, and it’s currently at 1,904.4 million users.

13. 120 million people in India use Instagram.

(Source: Statista)

Following the US, with over 140 million Instagram users towards the end of 2020, statistics on Instagram users by country show that India is not too far away, with 120 million users. The geographical landscape of the said country is conducive for marketing small businesses due to its low-cost maintenance.

14. 89% of all internet users outside the US use Instagram.

(Source: Omnicore Agency)

Internet users are known to make good use of the available social network platforms around them. Case studies on Instagram demographics point out that over 89% of all internet users also use Instagram. With these astronomical usage levels, one has to consider the business advantages that this vast network poses.

Stats on Finance

15. Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers can make $88.00 per post on average.

(Source: Petal Card)

Instagram has many influencers pushing followers toward certain brands. Instagram statistics for 2020 revealed that influencers with under 10,000 followers could make at least $88.00 per post. It means that a good portion of those followers are potential customers. Of course, it goes without saying that the more followers they have, the higher their income will be. How about $200.00 per post for those with under 100,000 followers?

16. Instagram’s global revenue for 2020 would reach $6.8 billion. 

(Source: Statista)

With Instagram’s popularity, it’s unsurprising if Instagram business statistics would have a $6.8 billion revenue projection by 2020. While this amount is not confirmed yet as of the writing time, we’re quite confident that the final numbers will not be too far away. 

17. 61% of brands are planning to increase their advertising budgets for Instagram in 2021.

(Source: eConsultancy)

The platform’s growth in 2020 is hard to ignore, with Instagram growth statistics showing that 61% of brands have plans for increasing their ad spend budget for IG in 2021. 

Surprisingly, Facebook comes second with 46% and YouTube third with 45%. What’s even more surprising is that despite TikTok’s fame the past year, only 14% of brands plan to increase their budgets for that channel.

Stats on Usage & Engagement

18. 60% of people on Instagram use it to find new products.

(Source: Instagram Business)

Finding the right product for oneself has become so much easier on Instagram, as we can see based on the Instagram statistics from its website. As a matter of fact, brand engagement on Instagram is 10 times more effective than Facebook, the leading social giant, with 60% of people using it to discover new products for themselves. When it comes to the purchasing process, mobile users are quick to act on impulse. The most recent mobile marketing statistics reveal that 90% of consumers use their smartphones to make an impulsive purchase.

19. 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram.

(Source: Instagram Business)

IG has over 25 million brand accounts on its platform. This massive number demonstrates a high level of availability to various users. And from the latest Instagram follower stats, 90% of users on the platform follow at least one brand on the network. Apart from that, two out of three people say it enables them to interact with brands.

20. The Stories feature has more than 500 million users daily.

(Source: Statista)

Since the Stories feature rolled out, many people have spent a lot of time on their IG account. Case studies based on Instagram Stories stats show that today the feature is widely used by more than half of all Instagram users.

21. There’s an 80% increase in time spent watching videos on Instagram.

(Source: Instagram Business)

We can’t stress it enough, but videos are indeed an excellent way to engage your audience, and Instagram is the perfect platform to post them. The recent Instagram video stats from the company state that there’s an 80% increase in the time users spend watching videos. 

22. Instagram has over 2 million advertisers every month.

(Source: Sprout Social)

We can see sponsored ads within a user’s Instagram feed. And Story ads aren’t left out here either. As we can see, the number of advertisers on the network each month has reached an impressive level. A lot has changed over the years, and most of them have been positive shifts, as we can see from the Instagram statistics here. Let’s now take a look at the platform’s growth so far and what the forecasts are.

Stats on Growth & Development

23. Instagram’s video content is twice as likely to see engagement as photo content.

(Source: PastBook)

Since the introduction of video, the media has experienced twice as much engagement as photos alone. Today, videos get double the engagement than photos do on any other social media platform out there.

24. In June 2018, Instagram reached its first one billion users.

(Source: Statista)

Instagram had only 130 million monthly active users in 2013. Admittedly, this number isn’t actually that low, so it’s even more impressive that it skyrocketed up to a whopping one billion users only five years later. It was its first billion users, and we can’t help but add that milestone here. Today, the numbers still keep shooting up, making IG one of the world’s largest social networks.

25. Business accounts now allow for multiple insight features.

(Source: Guiding Tech)

The unique updates IG brings to its users now include business accounts with several added insight features like reach, impressions, and many others. So can you tell who looks at your Instagram? Neither business nor personal accounts let people know exactly who visits their profile. The platform doesn’t have an in-app functionality enabling it to keep track of this, although businesses can see the number of visitors per week, how many people saw your post in their feed, and similar pieces of data.

26. Instagram’s 2020 sales forecast is $28.1 billion.

(Source: LiveMint)

Without any shadow of a doubt, this platform’s growth is massive. With Instagram stats on its sales forecast for the past year ($28.1 billion), how else can we doubt that? That’s about 37% of its mother company’s total ad revenue. And that’s over $8 billion sales growth from 2019, at $20 billion.

27. Instagram has seen a staggering 26.9 million new users between 2016–2020. 

(Source: HubSpot)

According to eMarketer’s prediction based on leading Instagram user statistics, the social network platform should continue to grow in the years to come. So far, at least, this prediction has turned out to be true.

Moreover, according to the latest SEO statistics, Instagram showed the most robust year-on-year growth in referral traffic than Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

28. Instagram is the second most engaged social network.

(Source: The Fact Site)

After Facebook, Instagram is the world’s second most-visited site for the number of its active users. These Instagram engagement statistics come as no surprise considering the platform’s continuous growth and development. What’s even more fascinating is that more and more businesses are using Instagram growth services to increase their social visibility and sales.

Other Fun Facts About Instagram

29. The average number of followers on Instagram is 150.

(Source: EasyGetInsta)

Since the social network platform’s conception, gaining the correct number of followers has been the aim of nearly every user. It’s because the more followers one has, the more engagement and interaction they’ll have—which is why several influencers and brands have follower counts in the thousands. Research shows that the average number of Instagram followers per user is only around 150 followers.

30. About 50–60% of a user’s followers will see their posts.

(Source: Quora)

The videos and photos posted by Insta’s users keep their followers engaged, encouraging them to interact with them. With so many followers seeing these posts, it’s no wonder Instagram is such a valuable marketing resource.

31. Business profiles allow users to view stats about their engagement.

(Source: Social Media Examiner)

Have you been wondering, How do I check my stats on Instagram? Many Instagram users are unaware that they can gain a high level of insight into their profile’s stats by upgrading to a business profile.

Final Thoughts

So far, the network has risen to become the second-largest social network in the world. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing its pace anytime soon. Despite the network’s growing popularity, many people are still unaware of just how influential Instagram is. We hope that we were able to create more awareness about it here. Today, most Instagram statistics show that the platform provides exciting innovations and technologies to its highly engaged users, influencers, businesses, and brands.

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