32+ Incredible Instagram Statistics & Facts to Know in 2020

by Nikola Djordjevic

Instagram (IG), a subsidiary of Facebook, is the largest photo- and video-sharing platform in the world. And the Instagram statistics show that it’s considered the top social platform where brands and business owners alike can promote their services and products.

To seamlessly accommodate these companies, IG goes a long way in providing a wide range of unique features every year. Indeed, by January 2019, 500 million users visited the Stories feature on a daily basis according to recent Instagram stats. The data clearly shows that a large percentage of the world’s population runs to the platform on a daily basis. Needless to say, marketers and businesses alike should do what they can to learn how the network works.

For most of us, social media platforms are now part of our regular routine—so consider taking a look at the rundown of IG stats below. These have all been compiled to help you fully understand what the network’s intentions are, how it works, and how it has developed within just a few years of existence. People who enjoy using the network would definitely relish knowing more facts about it. Additionally, marketers looking to harness the platform’s full potential will find the following statistics and facts more than useful.

The Top Instagram Stats & Facts You Need to Know

  • Instagram has over a billion monthly active users.
  • Every day, Instagram has about 95 million photos and videos shared.
  • The number-one most-shared food on Instagram is pizza.
  • 12% of users on Instagram live in the United States. 
  • 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use.
  • More women use Instagram than men.
  • 59% of all internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram. 
  • 60% of Instagram users go on the platform to find new products.
  • In 2019, Instagram generated ad revenue of $20 billion.
  • The Stories feature receives more than 500 million users daily.

Fascinating Facts About Instagram

1. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion.

(The Fact Site)

Let’s start off with a little tidbit on the beloved network’s origin. A lot of Instagram users around the world don’t even know that the platform is owned by Facebook. Apart from that, those who are aware have no idea that Instagram was bought by the social giant at a $1 billion price tag back in 2012. Since then, the sky has been the limit for Instagram’s popularity. The next statistic is proof of this growth.

2. The total number of Instagram monthly active users has surpassed 1 billion people.


IG users are mostly known for spending a good part of their time making use of the platform’s features such as Stories, video sharing, photo sharing, and a few others. Today, the platform has more than a billion users. In fact, these users are consistently active on the platform, pushing the  number of Instagram daily active users up to an impressive 500 million. This shows the impressive level of engagement that the network produces to keep its users’ interest, not to mention how ideal it is for business and product promotion.

3. About 95 million photos and videos are shared to Instagram on a daily basis.

(WordStream) (Whatagraph)

Videos and photos are the top types of content uploaded onto IG. According to Whatagraph reports concerning the top Instagram video stats, not to mention the photo stats, the platform is known for being one of the best social networks for sharing these specific types of media. After all, it’s pretty hard for any other platform to beat out the 95 million photos and videos that are shared every day. In the same sense, Instagram statistics from 2018 showed that over 40 billion photos and videos had been shared across the entire IG platform since it began its social journey.

4. Over 4.2 billion “likes” are made on Instagram daily.


“Likes” constitute one of the most-used features on the platform—to the point where there are over 4.2 billion of them every day according to the top Insta stats on how people engage with the site. 

5. 5 million videos were uploaded within the first 24 hours after Instagram announced the Video feature.


Videos are one of the top types of content you’ll see posted on most IG users’ walls. Within just the first day of the Video feature being introduced, the number of uploaded videos surpassed 5 million. As we can see by these Instagram video statistics, its users wasted no time at all.

6. The number-one most-shared food on IG is pizza.

(The Fact Site)

Believe it or not, people absolutely love to post food on “the Gram,” with sushi and steak also close to the top of the list. As exciting as it is to talk about what people do on Instagram, there’s still a lot to be learned about the network’s users’ preferences.

Stats on Instagram Demographics

7. 12% of users on Instagram live in the United States.


Of course, this means that there’s a huge number of people outside the US using the platform. Nevertheless, this is still a great opportunity for US-based companies and brands. Since the US makes up the highest percentage of users, you can see that Instagram is a great place to run local US ads, once you look at the number of Instagram users by country.

8. 80% of IG accounts are for personal use.

(The Fact Site)

Business owners and brands are well-known for using the platform to promote their sales and services. This can be done much more efficiently if the company registers a business account. Personal accounts, however, dominate the user population—which can also be a good thing for businesses. According to case studies based on Instagram usage statistics, 80% of its accounts are for personal and individual use, leaving the remaining 20% with an impressive number of accounts to try to draw engagement from.

The latest blogging statistics show that 96% of bloggers believe social media is best for promoting their blog content, with 73% of marketers already leveraging Instagram’s advertising potential.

9. 10% of Americans past the age of 65 use Instagram.


Who says IG is meant for teens and young adults only? When you think of how many people use Instagram, it’s hard not to picture a demographic made up of youths alone, especially if we consider that Instagram and Snapchat are the most important social media platforms for 35% and 41% of US teens, respectively. This is not the case, though, as a lot of older people have found ways to enjoy the platform. Next, we’ll see what Instagram’s gender breakdown looks like.

10. Women use Instagram more often than men.


Taking into account the top Instagram user stats, it looks like women are 38% more likely to use the platform when compared to men.

11. 72% of teens in the United States use Instagram.


The platform is regularly used by a wide range of different age groups. But it’s pretty impressive that 72% of teens in the US are on the platform, according to the top Instagram engagement statistics. Even with so many young people using the network, the number appears to still be rising at a noteworthy pace. Along with that, based on the data from the latest digital marketing trends, 71% of Instagram users are younger than 35.

12. 32% of Instagram’s users have attended college.


For many, it’s not a surprising fact that a small percentage of the number of Instagram users have attended college. As we’ve just seen, a high number of adolescents and teens are present on the platform, which will obviously bring this number down.

With Facebook, it’s quite the opposite. The social media network is used by 51% of teens, whereas 62% of Facebook users have a college education, as per latest Facebook statistics.

13. 22 million people in the UK use Instagram.


Instagram is widely used by people from different countries. Compared to the 110 million from the United States who use it, Instagram statistics from the UK reported that a high proportion of the population is also on the social network platform. On a global scale and irrespective of geographical location, the use of Instagram is relatively consistent among certain age groups. The next stat will shed light on who leads that race.

14. 59% of all internet users aged 18–29 use Instagram.

(Omnicore Agency)

Internet users are known to make good use of the available social network platforms around them. Case studies on Instagram demographics point to the fact that over 59% of all the people between the ages of 18 and 29 who are on the internet also make use of Instagram. With these astronomical levels of usage, one has to consider the business advantages that this vast network poses.

Stats on Finance

15. 26% of IG’s users make more than $75,000 annually.


Instagram has a number of influencers pushing followers toward certain brands. Instagram business statistics now show that over 26% of users overall earn over $75,000, meaning a good portion of those followers are great potential customers.

16. 78% of influencers will choose Instagram over other social network platforms for brand collaboration.

(Omnicore Agency)

Influencers are known to make thousands of dollars from influencing followers across their social media platforms. An influencer who uses Instagram will typically prefer it over the other networks available for their campaign. Perhaps due to how image-focused the brand is or due to the previous statistic, about 78% of influencers prefer to use Instagram when they collaborate with a brand.

17. 55.4% of influencers use Instagram Stories for their online campaigns.

(Omnicore Agency)

Instagram growth statistics today show that 55.4% of all Instagram influencers specifically prefer to make use of the Stories feature when carrying out a sponsored campaign.

Stats on Usage & Engagement

18. 60% of people on Instagram use it to find new products.


Finding the right product for oneself has become so much easier on Instagram, as we can see based on Instagram statistics from the app. As a matter of fact, brand engagement on Instagram is 10 times more effective than it is on Facebook, the leading social giant, with 60% of people using it to discover new products for themselves. When it comes to the purchasing process, mobile users are quick to act on impulse. The most recent mobile marketing statistics reveal that 90% of consumers use their smartphones to make an impulsive purchase.

19. 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram.


IG has over 25 million brand accounts on its platform. This massive number demonstrates a high level of availability to various users. And from the latest Instagram follower stats, 80% of users on the platform follow at least one brand on the network. Apart from that, reports say that 90 of the top 100 brands on the planet have an Instagram account. It is no wonder that Instagram marketing is one of the top 3 most wanted skill in the freelance arena, as per latest freelance statistics.

20. The Stories feature has more than 500 million users daily.


Since the Stories feature rolled out, quite a number of people have spent a lot of time on their IG account. Case studies based on Instagram Stories stats show that today the feature is widely used by more than half of all Instagram users. Interestingly, the latest video marketing statistics reveal, 60% of Instagram Stories are viewed with the sound on.

21. 43% of adult women in the US used Instagram in February 2019.


The social network platform isn’t meant only for youngsters, teens, or young adults. In actual fact, adult men and women spend a lot of their time on IG, which is confirmed by the high percentage of adult women using it. According to an Instagram statistics website, these women use both the website and mobile versions of the platform, which contributes to the Instagram app ranking in top 5 most popular iOS and Android apps.

22. Instagram has over 2 million advertisers every month.

(Sprout Social)

Sponsored ads can always be seen within a user’s Instagram feed. And Story ads aren’t left out here either. As we can see, the number of advertisers on the network each month has reached an impressive level. These Instagram statistics show that a lot has changed over the years, and most of them have been positive shifts. So now let’s take a look at the platform’s growth so far and what’s been predicted for the near future.

Instagram Statistics on Growth & Development

23. Instagram’s video content is twice as likely to see engagement as photo content.


Since the introduction of video, the media has experienced twice as much engagement as photos alone. Today, videos get double the engagement that photos do on any other social media platform in the world.

24. As of June 2018, Instagram reached a billion users.


In just 2013, Instagran had only 130 million monthly active users. Admittedly, this number isn’t actually that low, so it’s even more impressive that it skyrocketed up to a whopping one billion users just five years later. Even today, the numbers keep shooting up, making IG one of the largest social networks in the world.

From a marketer’s perspective, Instagram has an enormous advertising potential. With such a broad audience, businesses can reach their marketing goals by combining social media with other marketing strategies. According to email marketing stats, emails have a lucrative ROI of $43 per every dollar spent, which is one very good reason to combine this marketing strategy with Instagram marketing campaigns.

25. Business accounts now allow for multiple insight features.

(Guiding Tech)

The unique updates IG brings to its users now include business accounts with several added insight features like reach, impressions, and many others. So can you tell who looks at your Instagram? Neither business nor personal accounts let people know exactly who visits their profile. The platform doesn’t have an in-app functionality enabling it to keep track of this, although businesses can see the number of visitors per week, how many people saw your post in their feed, and similar pieces of data.

26. In 2019, Instagram generated ad revenue of $20 billion.

(Business Today)

Instagram statistics today provide us with a great deal of information about the platform’s advertisement placement. And thanks to its methods, Instagram generated a whopping sum of $20 billion in 2019. This surpassed its previous years, and from the looks of things, the network is sure to do the same in 2020.

27. Instagram’s users are projected to increase by 26.9 million from 2016 to 2020.


According to eMarketer’s prediction based on leading Instagram user statistics, the social network platform should continue to grow in the years to come. So far, at least, this prediction has turned out to be true.

Moreover, according to the latest SEO statistics, Instagram has showed the strongest year-on-year growth in referral traffic compared to Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

28. Instagram is the second most engaged social network.

(The Fact Site)

Coming right behind the world’s most engaged network, Facebook, Instagram is second place for the most active users in the world. This is no surprise considering the platform’s recent jump to over one billion users. No wonder, then, that its ad revenue reached $20 billion. It’s even less surprising that more and more businesses are using Instagram growth services to increase their social visibility and sales.

Other Fun Facts About Instagram

29. The average number of Instagram followers in 2018 was 150.


Since the social network platform’s conception, gaining the right number of followers has been the aim of nearly every user. This is due to the fact that the more followers one has, the more engagement and interaction they’ll have—which is why several influencers and brands have follower counts in the thousands. Even so, research shows that the average number of Instagram followers per user is around 150 followers.

30. About 50%–60% of a user’s followers will see their posts.


The videos and photos posted by Insta’s users keep their followers engaged and encourage them to interact with them. With so many followers seeing these posts, it’s no wonder Instagram is such a useful marketing resource.

31. Business profiles allow users to view stats about their engagement.

(Social Media Examiner)

Been wondering, How do I check my stats on Instagram? A lot of users on Instagram are unaware of the very fact that they can gain a high level of insight into their profile’s stats by upgrading to a business profile.

32. Brands prefer using hashtags in the caption


87.7% of accounts on Instagram use hashtags in captions. Furthermore, an astonishing 93.8% of posts on Instagram contain hashtags in the caption. Remember, good Instagram captions will help you connect with your followers on a more personal level and encourage engagement.

Final Thoughts

So far, the network has risen to become the second largest social network in the world. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing its pace anytime soon. Despite the network’s growing popularity, a good number of people are unaware of just how influential Instagram is. Today, most Instagram statistics show that the platform provides exciting innovations and technologies to its highly engaged users, influencers, businesses, and brands.

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