32 Must-Know Wix Statistics & Facts on the Popular CMS

Welcome to Wix statistics, the list dedicated to one of the most innovative website building solutions available to us.

Wix is not your typical content management system (CMS). What differentiates it from Drupal, WordPress, Weebly, and other top website builders is that it’s super easy to use and affordable. Anyone can create their own Wix website easily and without spending a fortune. 

Here is the list of statistics that show how Wix got to where it is now and what it can offer to bloggers, freelancers, and businesses of any size.

10 Key Wix Stats and Facts

  • Wix, the free and easy to use website builder, was started in 2006.
  • Wix went public in 2013.
  • Wix hit the 1 million user mark in 2009, 10 million in 2011, and 50 million in 2014.
  • Wix’s market cap was estimated at $4.5 billion in 2017.
  • In 2019, Wix had more than 120 million users, 4.2 million of which being premium users.
  • Wix.com has had 61.65 million visits in the last 6 months.
  • Over 22 million mobile sites use Wix.
  • Wix powers over 600,000 e-commerce stores.
  • Over 44,000 apps are downloaded daily from the Wix App Market.
  • Wix.com is the most visited Wix-based site, with 61.65 million visits in the last 6 months.

For even more information about Wix, check out the following infographic we’ve prepared for you.

Wix Statistics Infographic

How Was Wix Created? The History of Wix

1. Wix was established in 2006.

(Source: Wix)

Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan founded Wix 13 years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel. Similar to another CMS, Shopify, they had an intention to build a different site. However, they ended up making a website building platform that works differently than other CMSs due to their disappointment in the options available at the time. Just a year later, the open beta phase of this simple website builder started.

2. The number of Wix users hit 1 million in 2009 and reached 10 million just two years later.

(Source: Wix / Wix)

In 2009, only three years after its foundation, Wix already hit 1 million users. In 2011, just two years later, the company managed to reach 10 million users. The expansion enabled the company to open multiple offices worldwide, leading to it being present in 190 countries today. 

3. Wix went public in 2013.

(Source: Business Insider)

November 6, 2013, was a great day for Avishai Abrahami, the guy who owns Wix and runs it as the CEO. On this day, he didn’t only sell 500,000 of his own Wix shares, earning $8 million, as the company went public, but he also sold one of the startups he had invested in for $130 million.

4. Wix reached 50 million users in 2014 and surpassed the 100 million mark just three years later.

(Source: GlobeNewswire / ManageWP / Small Business Trends)

During 2014, one of Wix’s main competitors, WordPress, had accumulated 74.6 million users. Do note that WordPress had a three-year head start. Still, being one of the easiest website builder solutions out there, Wix was on a roll and expanding at a crazy pace. And the company did not plan on stopping at 50 million users. Wix stats show that it took the company just three more years to exceed 100 million users, reaching 110 million in 2017.

5. Wix reached $100 per share in 2017, and its market cap was estimated at $4.5 billion.

(Source: Globes)

Starting at just $16.50 per share in its 2013 IPO, the team behind Wix had a more than a successful four-year period, increasing their company’s market capitalization by 506%. In 2017, the market cap was estimated at $4.5 billion.

How Many Paid Users Does Wix Have? Wix Users and Usage Stats

6. Wix had less than 300,000 paid users in 2011.

(Source: TechCrunch)

In 2010, Wix was operating at a loss of $11.5 million. 2011 was even worse for the company when they went $22.7 million into the negatives. However, even though still small, the number of paying customers kept increasing until it reached 790,000 in 2013, according to official Wix statistics.

7. Wix had 1.24 million paid users in 2014.

(Source: TechCrunch)

By 2014, as people began to learn about CMSs and Wix specifically, the number of this platform’s paid users finally surpassed one million. Just two years later, it surpassed 2 million.

8. Wix had 2.5 million paid subscribers in 2017.

(Source: Domain Name Wire / Reuters)

During the last quarter of 2017, Wix had 5 million newly registered users, reaching a total of 97 million. However, only 2.5% of them chose to become paying customers, while the rest decided to stick with the free version of this website design software. Stats for Wix sites estimated that there were 2.9 million paid subscribers in 2018.

9. Wix had 4.2 million paid subscribers in Q1 2019.

(Source: Cision)

According to the report on the first quarter of this year, concluding with March 31, 2019, Wix had 4.2 million paying users. A total of 6.6 million new users were registered during this period, which is an 18% increase compared to the Q1 2018.

10. Wix added 132,000 paying subscribers in Q2 2019.

( Source: Domain Name Wire)

How much is Wix still gaining in popularity is one of the stats we gladly look forward to in their quarterly reports. In the period that ended with June 2019, Wix had over 4.3 million paid users.

11. Wix’s actual revenue for the last quarter of 2020 was $254.18 million.

(Source: Seeking Alpha)

How does Wix make money? The largest parts of Wix’ revenue come from subscriptions and ads. After a few years of losing money, Wix is experiencing a true revolution, with thousands of new users coming in every day. It had a revenue of $254.18 million in 2020, and this is forecasted to increase to $270.19 by the first quarter of 2021.

12. 82% of Wix customers stick with them for at least a year.

(Source: Website Builder Expert)

Paying Wix users might represent only a relatively small number, but they more than make-up for it by being a loyal group. An overwhelming majority of them use the Wix CMS for over a year.

13. Wix is available in 190 countries and 17 languages.

(Source: Wix)

As an easy website builder to master, Wix is very sought after by novice users. To accommodate all of them, Wix is available in 17 languages. It’s not available in only five countries. Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Crimea in Ukraine do not have access due to OFAC restrictions, Wix facts list.

14. Today, Wix has over 170 million registered users today.

(Source: Wix / Website Builder Expert)

According to some sources, Wix had over 190 million users in 2019. Other sources list the 132 million figure. Wix themselves say that the number of users exceeds 170 million today.

15. Wix is used by 1.5% of all websites worldwide.

(Source: W3Techs)

WordPress is unbeatable because it powers 39.8% of all sites on the internet, according to the latest WordPress statistics. Conversely, Wix powers 1.5% of all websites worldwide, with a 2.4% market share. Not bad, considering it’s a global CMS platform that’s much more affordable than many other CMS’s.

Interesting Wix Stats for 2022

16. 23.86% of Wix.com traffic comes from searches.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

More than a quarter of the traffic that Wix.com receives comes from search engines. Right now, around, 73.68% of all search engine interactions come from organic traffic. Here are the five most popular keywords used:

  • wix (28.11% of the traffic)
  • wix login (1.64%)
  • wix logo maker (1.31%)
  • wix.com (1.22%)
  • wixsite (0.83%)

Conversely, Wix statistics tell us that 26.32% of the search engine traffic comes from paid searches. Here are the top 5 paid keywords:

  • wix (8.08% of the traffic)
  • logo maker (1.20%)
  • wordpress (0.65%)
  • wix logo maker (0.58%)
  • shopify (0.32%)

17. Wix.com had 61.65 million visits between July and December 2020.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

Wix website stats show that Wix.com is the most popular site that utilizes this website building technology. Analytics show impressive numbers; their site’s average visit lasts for 7 minutes and 34 seconds, with 6.97 pages seen per visit. The bounce rate, or the number of visitors who leave after seeing just one page, is 36.49%.

18. There are 359,998 paid Wix-based websites.

(Source: SimilarTech)

Wix site statistics tell us that the number of live Wix websites exceeds the number of this platform’s unique domains by just a little over 7,500; the number of online Wix domains is 352,480.

19. 112,200 of those websites are in the US.

(Source: SimilarTech)

The US appears to be the most lucrative market for the Israeli company, as 112,200 of all paid Wix websites are in the US, as shown in these Wix usage statistics. The United Kingdom takes the second spot on this list, with 21,363 sites, and Russia is third, with 21,354 websites created using Wix, based on SimilarTech’s website stats.

20. Wix has over 22 million mobile sites.

(Source: Wix)

As businesses around the world started realizing that the majority of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices and as the mobile marketing statistics show, Wix website stats for new mobile sites went through the roof.  As such, more than 22 million mobile websites were created using Wix. Unfortunately, just a small percentage of them went live, and only a smaller number is still running.

21. 44,000 Wix apps are installed daily.

(Source: DMR)

To add new features to your site, you can use the Wix App Market to find the right thing for you. Most of them are free, with premium options available. In case you’re wondering how much is a Wix website app, premium versions of some of the most popular ones come as low as $3.75. The app market features live chat apps, which are essential for online businesses, as, according to live chat statistics, 71% of customers prefer live chat. Various metrics, themes, and more are available as well. 

22. There are over 900 available Wix templates.

(Source: Wix)

Generally speaking, beautifully designed templates are abundant all over the internet. Wix is not an exception either. Potential Wix customers don’t need to worry about design limitations. One of the most significant Wix website facts is that there are so many Wix templates available that your website could have a different appearance every day for over a year.

23. Wix eCommerce now powers over 600,000 stores.

(Source: WebsiteToolTester, Ecommerce Platforms)

Wix offers an option for online sellers, and it seems to be reasonably popular. In 2017, around 15% of all paid Wix users were e-commerce subscribers. Today, in 2021, Wix website statistics show that over 600,000 online stores are running on Wix. Besides, e-commerce statistics reveal that 69% of consumers in the United States think of online shopping as an essential part of their lives. So we can expect the number of Wix e-commerce users to increase further. It’s just a matter of time.

Wix Insights: Commonly Asked Wix Questions

24. Does Wix support Google Analytics?

(Source: Wix)

You might be wondering whether Google Analytics works with Wix. One of the most commonly asked questions about Wix is whether its free option supports Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is – no. Google Analytics requires users to have their own URL, which the free plan doesn’t come with. So, Google Analytics and Wix integrations are only available to those who purchase one of the plans listed further down the text.

25. How can you see the number of your Wix site visitors?

(Source: Wix / Wix)

During the days of the previous Wix Blog version, every website admin had easy access to the data on their site’s visit through the blog manager. If you’re wondering where is blog manager on Wix, you should probably stop searching for it, as the new version does not come with this feature. Wix lets you track the number of visitors on your site with various tools found on the App Market.

26. Is Wix Secure?

(Source: Wix)

As with every website building software, regardless of whether a CMS was used in the process, some settings can leave it vulnerable. SSL/TLS security has become the standard, and new Wix sites come with HTTPS automatically enabled.

27. Does Wix allow more than one user per account?

(Source: WebsiteBuilderExpert)

The Wix multiple users feature was commonly requested, so they now allow multiple editors per account. You can also limit the access of the other editors on certain parts of your website. It’s an excellent tool for those who have a team helping them with their site, such as building, designing, and managing it.

How Much Does Wix Cost? Wix Pricing and Plans

28. Wix is available for free.

(Source: Wix)

Wix has made a name for itself by providing a free website building service. However, the free option comes with some limitations. No custom domains are available for non-paying users, Wix ads are visible on every page, no online payments capability available, there are no analytics tools, and the bandwidth and storage are limited to 500MB.

To unlock more Wix functionalities, you can opt for some of the following plans.

29. The Connect Domain plan costs $4.50 per month.

(Source: Wix)

The most basic paid Wix plan comes with a custom domain and larger bandwidth (1GB). How much does a Wix domain cost? It can vary depending on the user’s billing country and their VAT pricing, as the monthly subscription doesn’t include it.

30. The Combo plan costs $8.50 per month.

(Source: Wix)

Combo is a plan intended for personal use, which means that bloggers and smaller businesses would be the ones choosing this option. It comes with an even larger bandwidth, 3GB of storage, a custom domain (free for a year), 30 video minutes, and no ads.

31. Unlimited costs $12.50 per month.

(Source: Wix)

How much is Wix per month for professionals? Entrepreneurs and freelancers will benefit the most from Wix’s most popular plan. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, 10GBs of storage, a custom domain (free for a year), 1 video hour, and apps (worth $120) that help users analyze and improve their websites’ effectiveness.

32. VIP costs 24.50 per month.

(Source: Wix)

Here’s the ultimate answer to the question of how much does a Wix website cost. The most expensive option that Wix offers comes with perks that any new business should be interested in. In addition to the unlimited bandwidth, 20GBs of storage, a custom domain (free for a year), 2 video hours, and free analytics app, the VIP plan also comes with a professional logo, social media logo files, and VIP support.


Similar to other website building solutions available online, Wix has its good and bad sides. While vastly considered the best free website builder, it is probably not the right tool for those into SEO-friendly web design, as they might find it patronizing and not so usable in its free version. Wix statistics listed above showcase the achievements of the company that has succeeded in making its online presence available to everyone.

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