34 Jaw-Dropping Twitter Statistics in 11359 Characters

The Twitter statistics you’ll find in the text below are aimed at explaining the success and struggles of this social media platform, as well as its impact on our daily lives.

Twitter has become the place to be on the internet, no matter what your online needs are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to promote yourself or your business—or just looking for a fun discussion—this microblogging platform offers it all. In 280 characters or less, even the US president can share his thoughts with the world in an instant, for better or for worse.

The Top 10 Twitter Statistics and Facts

  • Twitter has 339.6 million monthly active users, as of January 2020.
  • There are 152 million Twitter daily active users.
  • The US, Japan, and the UK have Twitter’s highest number of monthly active users.
  • Americans aged 18–29 are the most likely to use Twitter.
  • Those earning $75,000+ are more likely to be on Twitter than those earning less.
  • 500 million tweets go out every day.
  • An average tweet is 33 characters long.
  • Twitter made nearly $3 billion during 2019.
  • 70% of small businesses use Twitter.
  • 42% of consumers learn about new products on Twitter.

How Many People Use Twitter?

1. Twitter has 339.6 million monthly users worldwide.

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The number of those who check their Twitter accounts at least once a month is 339.6 million, and it’s still rising.

Still, Twitter is trailing behind other social media networks in this field. The number of Facebook monthly users is nearly 10 times higher than the number of Twitter monthly users at 2.5 billion. 

2. Twitter has 45.75 million monthly active users in Japan.


A whopping 40% of Japan’s population actively uses Twitter. One of the reasons behind Twitter’s popularity in Japan is the fact that so much more can be said within the limited number of characters. Twitter gained popularity in this market in 2011, when it was used as the main communication tool during a major earthquake.

3. Twitter has 16.7 million monthly active users in the UK.


Twitter analytics show that just over 29% of the UK’s population actively uses Twitter. In fact, the UK is the third biggest market for Twitter. The fourth and fifth spots are taken by Saudi Arabia (14.35 million active users) and Brazil (12.15 million).

4. Twitter has 68 million monthly active users in the US.


During the first quarter of 2019, around 25% of all Twitter’s monthly visitors were from the US. This is an increase of 2 million users compared to the quarter before. Twitter was more popular among Americans only in the first quarter of 2017, when it had 69 million monthly users. How many users does Twitter have per day?

5. Twitter has 152 million daily users worldwide.


According to data published in February 2020, 152 million people access Twitter on a daily basis in order to compose or read tweets. Compared to other social media, Twitter isn’t doing so great. Facebook has 1.2 billion daily users. Next is Instagram with 500 million daily users, while Snapchat has around 218 million DAUs.

Who Uses Twitter?

6. 66% of male internet users are on Twitter.

(Omnicore) (Statista)

This year’s data shows that two-thirds of all men that have internet access have decided to create a Twitter account. To put this in better perspective, in 2018, 89% of US males had internet access.

7. 34% of female internet users are on Twitter.


The usage statistics for 2020 show that the platform isn’t equally used among genders: over a third of all women with internet access have used the social media network, Twitter statistics show.

8. 44% of US adults aged 18–24 use Twitter.


When it comes to the use of Twitter in the US, those aged 18–29 are the most likely to use the microblogging platform. Twitter demographics data from 2019 tell us that 44% of Americans aged 18–24 are on Twitter, as well as 33% of those aged 25–29 years. 27% of 30–49-year-olds are on Twitter, as well as 19% of 50–64-year-olds. The number of US seniors using Twitter is represented in a much smaller percentage (8%).

9. 26% of Americans from urban areas are on Twitter.


American adults who live in urban areas are the most common Twitter demographic, Twitter usage statistics find. This is compared to 22% of those living in suburban areas and 13% of those living in rural parts of the US.

10. 32% of Americans who have an income of $75,000 or higher are on Twitter.


Twitter is most popular among the upper middle class: 32% of those in the US who have a yearly salary of over $75,000 are on Twitter. Nevertheless, Facebook is the most popular social network, once again, with 75% of the same demographic using this platform.

How Many Tweets per Day and Other Tweet Statistics

11. In 2009, the record number of tweets sent per second was 456.

(Internet Live Stats)

The success Twitter has experienced was unimaginable a decade ago. During one of the most important events in recent pop culture—Michael Jackson’s death in 2009—a record of 456 tweets per second was reached. The situation is a bit different these days.

12. 500 million tweets are sent every day.

(Internet Live Stats)

Today, in an average second on Twitter, around 6,000 tweets are sent, leading to a total of 500 million tweets in a day. Twitter stats from a few years ago show that, in some instances, the number of tweets sent in a second can go way up: the record was set in 2013, when tweets were being sent at a rate of 143,199 per second.

13. The CIA goes through as many as 5 million tweets per day.

(The Next Web)

The CIA goes through 1% of all tweets as a part of their effort to prevent acts of terrorism. Twitter isn’t the only social network that’s monitored, as social media research has yielded positive results in the past, according to the Twitter analytics free tools that are available online.

14. An average tweet is 33 characters long.


Even though the character limit is set way higher (more on that in the Fun Facts further down), an average tweet uses just 33 characters.

15. Just 5% of tweets are longer than 190 characters.


Every 20th tweet sent uses more than 190 characters. In fact, statistics show that just 1% of all tweets hit the current character limit.

16. Every 13th tweet contains a curse word.

(Daily Mail Online)

The majority of Twitter users keep their posts PG-rated. However, some of them just can’t seem to avoid cursing. You can expect to find a curse word in every 13th tweet, Twitter trends show.

17. The milestone of 20 billion tweets was reached in 2010.


Three years after it went live, Twitter reached its billionth tweet. Just a few years later, in 2010, 20 billion tweets had been sent. This honor went to a graphic designer from Tokyo as part of a longer conversation, the BBC points out.

How Much Twitter Earns

18. Twitter made nearly $3 billion during 2019.


Twitter had a global revenue of $2.99 billion during the entirety of 2019, Twitter statistics from 2019 show. Even though the amount might seem like a lot at first glance, when compared to the competition, the company could be doing better. For comparison, during the same year, Facebook had over $70.7 billion in revenue.

19. 86.5% of Twitter’s revenue comes from advertising.


Promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends are what rake in the dough for Twitter. 86.5% of the company’s revenue can be attributed to ads, while the rest comes from data licensing.

Google also gets the highest portion of its revenues from advertising. According to the latest Google stats, the company managed to pocket $134.8 billion from advertising in 2019.

20. Mobile advertising revenue accounted for 88% of the total ad revenue.


As with most social networks, the majority of Twitter’s ad revenue came from mobile advertising. This should not come as a surprise, as 80% of all Twitter users access the website using a mobile device, Twitter advertising statistics point out.

21. Twitter made a little over $1 billion in the last quarter of 2019.


In the last three months of 2019, Twitter’s revenue reached $1 billion. The quarter before, the revenue was 22% higher. With this in mind, and compared to competitors such as Facebook (whose revenue was $21 billion in Q4 of 2019), Twitter’s earnings seem poor.

22. Twitter had operating expenses of $3.09 billion in 2019.


A recent Twitter report released in publications such as CNBC and Business Insider shows that the overall Twitter ROI is on the rise, as the company exceeded its quarterly predictions. However, it seems that most of the revenue Twitter had is already gone, as it cost almost $3.09 billion to keep the lights on during the year.

Fun Facts and Stats About Twitter

23. Barack Obama is the most followed person on Twitter.

(We Are Social)

With nearly 111.5 million followers, Barack Obama is the celebrity with the biggest Twitter following. The top five list also includes Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift. Twitter follower stats document that the first three celebrities on this top five list all have over 100 million followers.

24. YouTube and Twitter are the most followed companies on Twitter.


The two most followed companies on Twitter are YouTube, the video platform that boasts over 2 billion monthly users, with 71.5 million followers, and Twitter itself, with 56.2 million followers. The top five list of businesses on Twitter also includes CNN Breaking News, The New York Times, and CNN.

25. The crying from laughter emoji (?) has been used more than 2.6 billion times since 2013.


Twitter user statistics for 2020 show that the most commonly used emoji on Twitter is ?. Apparently, we also like to proclaim our affinity for recycling and love on Twitter, as ♻️ and ❤️ are the next two most popular emojis.

26. An average visitor spends around 9 minutes on Twitter.

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When the global audience is taken into account, an average Twitter visit lasts for just over nine minutes. For some regions, the period is shorter, and for others, it’s much longer. For instance, the UK had an average of two hours per visit at one point, according to Twitter usage statistics from 2018.

27. Twitter was supposed to be called “Friendstalker.”


Evan Williams, one of the founders and a former CEO of Twitter, wanted to name the platform “Friendstalker.” Fortunately, his suggestion was overruled by the rest of the founders, as it was deemed too creepy.

28. Twitter’s logo is named after a famous athlete.


As the latest branding statistics show, Larry the Bird, Twitter’s logo and mascot, was named after Larry Bird, one of the best and most popular basketball players of all time. Even more interestingly, one of the lesser-known Twitter marketing facts is that the logo cost them just $15 on iStockphoto. The original author received approximately $6 after the website’s fees were deducted.

29. The original character limit had mobile phones to blame.


As the maximum text message length is 153 characters, Twitter originally decided to set its character limit to 140. Nowadays, the limit for a single tweet is 280 characters.

Twitter Statistics for Business

30. 70% of small businesses use Twitter.


Twitter has become one of the must-haves for every small business’s internet presence. Some use it to advertise their products or services, while the majority use Twitter to directly address their customers’ questions and concerns. No cheaper or more effective way to provide customer service has yet been invented, and this is why 70% of small businesses in the US are on Twitter.

31. An average Twitter user follows 5 brands.

(Lori Taylor)

With Twitter stats showing that this social network’s users typically follow 5 brands, there’s no reason for any brand, big or small, to postpone joining. Additionally, 37% of the users who follow a brand are likely to purchase something from them. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise that 96% of small businesses are including social media in their online marketing approach.

32. 63% of Twitter users who follow small businesses do so in order to show support.


Even though the majority of Twitter users won’t make a purchase from the small business they follow on Twitter, their support still makes a valuable asset. Their retweets can be more effective than any traditional form of advertising.

33. 42% of consumers learn about products and services on Twitter.


Twitter marketing statistics tell us that 42% of consumers find new products and services while browsing through their Twitter feed.

34. Tweets with links are 86% more likely to be retweeted.


One tip for the end: add links to the things you advertise on Twitter. And finally, post more on weekends, as engagement increases by 17% during this period.


After going through the 34 Twitter statistics listed above, we hope you’ve learned something new—not only about how Twitter functions and maintains its status in the social media game, but about how it can help drive a small business forward.

It can be used for much more, and it’s up to you to discover the use that suits you the most. Happy tweeting!


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