How Much Is an Ecommerce Website?

Knowing the price of an eCommerce website is important since it helps you calculate the investment required to launch your new online business.

There are many factors involved in creating an eCommerce website, and each of them will affect the overall cost of your business. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

So, let’s see how much it costs to build and run an eCommerce website in 2022.

How Much Is an Ecommerce Website?

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A website has many different components, and each one affects the overall cost.

In 2022, the total cost of hosting an eCommerce website could range between $40 and $4000 per month, plus between $1,500 and $30,000 in design setup fees.

Although, you can always find a good eCommerce website builder for a much lower price to begin with.

More Stats and Facts About the Cost of an Ecommerce Website

The eCommerce market is on the rise, and more than a quarter of the population worldwide bought something online in 2020. Keep reading to find other interesting stats and facts about the eCommerce world.

How much is a Wix eCommerce site?

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The Wix business and eCommerce website price ranges between $17.00 and $35.00 a month. In addition, Wix eCommerce plans are excellent for accepting online payments. Getting started is easy, and anyone, especially beginners, will find ease-of-use one of its best features.

How many eCommerce websites are there?

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There are more than 26 million eCommerce websites in the world.

Over 9.5 million eCommerce websites are in the US. Latin America, with 36.7%, is first on the list of regions with the most significant eCommerce growth.

How much do eCommerce websites make?

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A rough estimate is that an average eCommerce website can generate more than $63,000 in monthly revenue in three months. A business generates nearly $127,000 in monthly income at the end of a year.

After three years, businesses can generate a monthly revenue of $352,000.

How much for eCommerce website design?

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Creating a fantastic user experience with a website design that reflects your brand and keeps users coming back is important when developing your eCommerce store.

Nowadays, there are many great web design software companies for creating stunning websites.

Some themes may be free when you use a certain platform, whereas others may range in price from $60 to $200.

How much does SEO cost for your eCommerce website?

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Your business won’t succeed if no one can see it. So, it’s essential to design your eCommerce website with SEO in mind. 

With SEO, you’ll be optimizing every aspect of your website, so the website can rank at the top position in the search engine results page.

It’s smarter to start with an optimized website and build on it than it’s to try to organize your content after it’s already been built. Including SEO features in your design can save you money in the long run. 

SEO firms usually charge a monthly retainer fee. The monthly cost of an SEO agency ranges between $2,500 and $10,000.

Wrapping Up 

Whether you’re thinking of moving your traditional store online or simply checking that you’re not overspending, examining the cost of building an eCommerce website is essential. 

You can easily spend too much money if you don’t have a clear action plan. So, we hope we’ve given you a good idea of how much an eCommerce website costs.

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